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What a gorgeous day today. Fall is a beautiful time of year. Don’t you think?

And you know what else? Life is good.

St. Louis is good. And I love this business.

Today, I’m talking about a few things… the tax bill that’s pending in Congress and creating some controversy; how you really can do deals and profit in today’s market; plus apartment deal info.

And, I’m sharing how you and I can team up a bit. Lots of good stuff here in this quick episode.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Don't complain… you can make money in this market
  • What works is simplicity and focus
  • A little talk about the tax bill pending in Congress
  • Look up, smile, get your head in positive mode
  • Joe is looking for off-market apartment deals
  • 100-plus units in a major market
  • Why fixer-uppers are not a problem
  • Finder fee for you if you help me

Mentioned in this episode:

What are you thinking?

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