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Welcome to my Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast. My guest today is Dan Schwartz from San Diego.

Dan is a wholesaler and a software beast. He knows the business, so he builds software solutions that work for us – specifically InvestorFuse, which is used by many of your fellow investors.

InvestorFuse manages your existing lead flow by automating follow-up. And, Dan continues to develop tools that keep you from bottlenecking your business. In fact, he will be announcing a new innovation soon.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s Inside

  • The less you do, the more you make
  • InvestorFuse is accessed via Podio
  • Making the REI business predictable
  • Capturing results, building reports
  • Technology should be a guide for your team
  • How SendFuse takes an address and handles mail sequence
  • “No Lead Left Behind”

Mentioned in this episode:

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