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Hey everybody, welcome! Our guest today is Daniel Moore –  a guy who’s doing serious deals and serious technical innovations in Texas.

Daniel's been investing for 10 years, and he began by remodeling REO properties, then buying them with conventional loans. Not what he recommends, but it got him started.

Daniel succeeded right away but had some scary losses, too. He knew the rehab side but didn't understand the real estate/business side. That's when he realized he needed a mentor.

His business, Propelio, is an REI software and education company. Daniel saw a need for software that integrated functions that we all use. His partner, Nick Wooster, is the developer.

Get this – Texas is a nondisclosure state, which means the only way to get comps is directly from a broker. That's why Propelio first focused on MLS comps – creating an MLS broker's website for various markets.

Daniel has lots of solid info to share.

Have a listen and learn what else Propelio can do.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s Inside

  • Daniel's real estate investing story
  • How he’s doing fewer and better deals
  • How he learned to leverage other people's time
  • Propelio creates probate, substitute trustee, pre-foreclosure lists
  • How and why Propelio plans to be in 100 U.S. counties by end of 2018
  • Why its education component is free
  • Advice to newcomers: Take action, look for knowledgeable partner(s)

Mentioned in this episode:

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