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Hey everybody, welcome to my Real Estate Investing Management podcast. Alex Joungblood is with me again, and our guest is Brett Snodgrass.

Let's catch up on what's going on with everyone…

Alex has new construction properties, wholesale deals and rehabs in the works. And I’m making land deals based on marketing pieces I mailed several months ago. I’m super happy about this! I’m also starting a Lease Options Challenge soon with 2 of my students. Instead of doing deals myself, I’ll coach these students to do virtual lease options, probably in a Florida market. Aren’t they lucky?!

So back to our guest – Brett has a business, a podcast and a website – all of which are called Simple Wholesaling. Can you tell he believes in keeping his business dealings simple? I really like that.

Brett warehouses by selling properties that he owns not selling contracts on properties. He does it this way because it requires less explanation to the seller… because it's simple.

He's a member of Central Indiana Real Estate Investment Association, which has 400 members. I actually spoke to that group in early November. Brett also contributes to Bigger Pockets via blogs and podcast appearances.

Lots to learn here.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s Inside

  • Brett's background
  • How he got the ‘bug' in 2007
  • How Brett's wholesale business doubled in 2017
  • Facebook and pay-per-click lead generation
  • Simple Wholesaling Meetup in Indianapolis
  • Can you make money on $30,000 houses?
  • Why Brett is licensed as a broker

Mentioned in this episode:


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