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The two guests I have today are crushing it in a lot of different markets. Maybe you can even do a deal with them. They’re actually looking to buy a lot more property.

Luke Petrozza and Brandon Barnes recently participated in a Mastermind in St. Louis. They've been working together less than a year… and are on fire.

The guys' company is Home Buyers Network (HBN). Luke is in Columbia and Brandon’s in Charleston, SC. They feel the key to their success is having a human answer their phones. Really. What a concept.

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Listen and enjoy:

What’s Inside

  • Both guys are fairly new to the business
  • How they do 30-50 deals a month in 17 cities
  • Acquisition managers in 5 cities; 2 people answering phones
  • Single-family homes deals
  • Hedge fund financial backing
  • Property criteria on website
  • Looking for direct-to-seller deals
  • Simple success: market, add value to buyer and seller, answer phones

Mentioned in this episode:

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