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Welcome to my podcast. Today, Andrew Propst will be sharing his knowledge with us, and Alex Joungblood is with us, too.

Alex and I talk a little about how much money is required to live comfortably. If you have some assets that provide cash flow and give you some tax benefits, you don't need several million dollars to retire on.

So, Andrew is from Boise, Idaho. He and I met at a Mastermind about a month ago. He's a high-energy guy – love that about him.

Andrew's company is about building long-term wealth. He co-founded a national property management company called Home River Group. It's now in 11 states, 16 markets and growing fast.

He really knows the rental market and how to analyze deals before you get in.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why single-family rental homes are in demand
  • How the renter pool is growing, not slowing down
  • Calculating return on a rental deal
  • Property management software
  • Manage property yourself?
  • Hire a property manager?
  • Fair Housing Act compliance

Mentioned in this episode:

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