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Our guest today is Brian Ellwood, and we’re going to talk about Acquisition Managers (AM). Brian is one of the masters of outsourcing, so who better to hear it from?

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And while you’re there, have a look at episodes 179 and 183 – Brian was also my guest on those. You can go back and listen to them when you visit the site.

Anyway, Brian started in Nashville, wholesaling and rehabbing. He and his 50/50 business partner used me as a coach. First thing I told them was that they needed an Acquisitions Manager. And 11 months after hiring one, their gross revenue jumped from $300,000 to $1M.

Brian now lives in Denver but still invests in Tennessee. His book is called Fire Yourself, and he wants you to have it for free. That's serious actionable content for cost of shipping and handling only.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why you absolutely need an Acquisition Manager
  • Keeping job posting simple
  • Using a hiring funnel to screen applicants
  • Why Brian believes AM is as important as marketing
  • Real Estate focused sales training
  • Tracking AM's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Joe I’m s Christian. How do you justify adding the high “assignment fee” knowing you’re kind if ripping off the seller and buyer? I’ve wholesaled a few deals and am getting convicted knowing im doing that.

    1. Corey – I would never “rip off” a seller or a buyer. If you feel like you are “ripping them off”, then you need to be doing something else. I don’t have the time to respond here, right now, in much detail. But I always offer a fair price to a seller and to my buyers. I never force anyone to accept my offer, or lie, or trick them. I am always open and honest about everything. In exchange for my price, I am the offering the seller a fast, convenient, as-is close. If you’re concerned about this, get your Realtor’s license and list the seller’s house on the MLS. Keep in mind that this is not always in the seller’s best interest.

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