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We're talking again with Rick Otton, who now has quite a portfolio of properties in Greece. As you know, Greece's economy is probably the most depressed in Europe. Rick went over and got in at the bottom and will hold the properties until the economy rebounds.

In this episode, Rick dives in to the details of how he gets leads no matter where he is. This is exciting news about how to buy properties in other cities and countries.

Check this out… ThePaperboy lists every newspaper in every country in the world. Rick pulls up a paper, and uses Google Translator to convert real estate advertisements into English. Then, his Filipino VA sends out emails to the advertising sellers. You’ll hear Rick explain how this whole process works.

Rick is now about to start investing in Bulgaria and Croatia. Bulgaria allows people to become citizens, EU citizens by the way, for a €150,000 payment. And he's also looking to invest in the South African market. Amazing, right!?

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Using local newspapers
  • Why Rick's involvement begins after several emails
  • Using Skype or a similar platform to “meet” with sellers
  • How to send someone to check on the condition of property
  • Power of Attorney paperwork
  • Lease option or contract for deed based on local laws
  • Makin the term as long as possible

Mentioned in this episode:

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