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So, I'm car shopping and test driving. I'm thinking about a Tesla. Maybe, just maybe I can do automated wholesaling options in an automated car. What about that?

Anyway, I just got back from Houston. I was down there for about a week. I was with Service International to work on rebuilding houses.

Please remember that Houston is still hurting. Florida is hurting. Puerto Rico is hurting. From the media's point of view, it's like the flooding happened a year ago. Well it didn't. So many people still need help with their homes. What's needed is money for building supplies.

I will be glad to collect Home Depot gift cards to take to Houston when I go back there in a few weeks. Please contact me at Support@JoeMcCall.com to find out where to send them.

What I’m talking about today is really important.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Finding a reputable organization to aid flooded areas
  • Donating money for building supplies if you can
  • Many other donations have yet to be used

Mentioned in this episode:

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