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I'm in the car with Gavin Timms in St. Louis. Gavin flew in today to do a 1-day Mastermind session with some of our coaching students.

The first half of the day, Gavin and I taught… giving students ideas about what we see working in the industry. For the second half of the day, each student had 30 minutes to tell us what is working (or not) for them.

Gavin and I do about 4 Masterminds a year. They really are a great way to build confidence and, hopefully, profits. We keep the groups small, just 7 or 8 investors. They share ideas, begin to think bigger and get solutions to things they need help with.

Believe me, the students come up with solutions for each other as often as we coaches do. Simply participating in a real estate investment brainstorming session – that's what Mastermind is.

The next Mastermind will be in Phoenix in February. It's free for our coaching students.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Keep mailing, never give up after just one
  • Deal with people you already know if you have the option
  • If you're comfortable making an offer, you may be offering too much
  • Invitation to next Mastermind
  • Why you need a coach

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