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Today's episode is a special, never-done-before podcast presentation… my guest, Mark Podolsky, and I are talking to you from our treadmills. Not only that, it's special because Mark is an expert on land deals and has his own podcast: The Art of Passive Income.

I have been investing in land for about a year and a half now. Get this – it's easy; I've done 25 deals or so. Sometimes I wonder why I don't do it full time, but I just haven't gone in that direction yet.

To prepare myself for investing in land, I bought 4 different courses on the subject, but I think that Mark's was the one that really got me started in it. The course is called The Investor's Toolkit.

Dig into this episode to learn the benefits you can enjoy from investing exclusively in land deals, and how Mark has outsourced the work. Believe me, this is great information.

Watch and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Owning raw land – no maintenance, no tenants, no rehab
  • Very little to no competition
  • 3% to 5% of people accept an offer of only 1/4 of the land's value
  • Earning passive income
  • Why you market land to the closest neighbors
  • How you can automate/outsource

Mentioned in this episode:

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