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This is “Hamburger Episode” part 2. (Check out episode #554 if that doesn’t make sense to you!) After my tasty burger lunch (including curly fries), I'm bringing you another episode. So, my wife and I really are trying to eat healthier and we're succeeding. But hey, sometimes I've just got to have a good, greasy burger.

Anyway, I recently interviewed Whitley Nicely from Knoxville, Tennessee. She's been active in real estate investments for a while. (You’ll hear the full interview on an upcoming episode.) Whitley and I talked about lease options, a favorite subject of mine.

Lease options are so cool because they give you a chance to craft deals that can't be done any other way. They make it easier for sellers who don't have tons of equity… or are not willing to share it with you. And they make it easier for you – the buyer – because debt load is not an issue.

And, lease options make your seller comfortable. You offer multiple options, so he/she doesn't feel boxed in. A contented seller may mean a little positive word of mouth, which always helps. And then the happy buyer – that's you – has a solid rental property producing passive income.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Closing rental properties in the medium price range
  • How to make selling smoother by including options
  • How to earn income without holding the deed
  • Offering sandwich (HAMBURGER!) lease options

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Great podcast, guys. I’m not/wasn’t all that familiar with lease options so it’s nice to learn at a bit more how they work! Getting into this whole real estate “thing” has been pretty daunting, but people like you make it at least a little bit easier.

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