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So here I'm am in my car… that's because just a few minutes ago, I was in my office thinking about how much I wanted a hamburger. And I was also thinking about what I wanted to talk about today, but I couldn't resist the hamburger.

I've decided to break up the content that's in my head into 2 episodes… 1 before and 1 after eating my hamburger. So you'll need to listen to In My Car Podcast episode #555 to see if you can hear a difference. Will I be wiser and wittier after eating?

But, I have an important episode for you today. It's a topic you’ve probably heard before, but it's so important, you cannot hear it enough.

I feel like I go back to this all the time, but so be it. Everything – a.k.a. your success in this business – boils down to sales and marketing. And you must keep track of your numbers. It works. It's the only way to hold yourself accountable.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Asking yourself if you're hitting the marketing hard enough
  • Reaching an average of 40 leads to make a deal
  • Why you must always be talking to people
  • Setting high goals for contacting people and tracking performance
  • Why you need an accountability partner to hold you to your goals

Mentioned in this episode:

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