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Claude Diamond is the real estate professional that I’ve interviewed the most since I started doing my podcasts. Claude loves this business. He loves the freedom that comes with the income and the freedom that comes from arranging his own time and his own approach to the process. And, he's been an important mentor of mine for years.

Today's episode is a debate about marketing. I use debate loosely because it's mostly Claude answering my questions rather than the pro/con format of a debate. We’re pointing out the many ways social media can help you reach buyers, sellers and investors. It will make you think about whether the marketing methods you're using are too costly or too old school.

Claude is convinced that mail of just about any kind is foreign to millennials, especially direct marketing. He even shares a really interesting story about a situation involving his son and mail.

Claude does admit that mailing to prospects who have voluntarily given you their address can still be effective. But, that doesn't really compare with mailing 500 to 1,000 marketing pieces.

So, you’ll hear how Claude has become a master of YouTube, with more than 650 videos. YouTube lets him connect to other social media channels, such as Instagram, Reddit and Facebook.

Dig into this episode to hear how this top real estate investor successfully uses social media. Trust me, this is great  information you’ll benefit from.

Listen and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • From successful marketing leads to talking to people
  • Why talking to people is how deals are made
  • Social media doesn't cost marketers anything (or does it)?
  • Learn the 6 rules of social media content
  • How to virtually attract people by offering them knowledge and solutions
  • The importance of mastering one social media channel
  • Don't sell, sell, sell… inform and generously share business tips

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. One distinction that really needs to be made is that most, if not all, of the deals Claude gets from social media and his YouTube videos, are NOT homeowners who are looking for solutions, but other (new, novice) real estate investors (students) who are looking for help working leads, talks to their prospects with them, and then he splits deals with them.

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