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I’ve stayed in Airbnb places not only in the States but overseas as well. So, when I heard that Brian Page has built an entire investing business around Airbnb, I invited him for an interview on my podcast recently.

That episode stirred up a ton of interest, so the next logical step was for Brian and me to host an entire, in-depth webinar. In this webinar, Brian walks us through all 7 steps of working an Airbnb business.

He talks about the history of his glory days in the early 2000s when he was at the top of the real estate investing game. He was young and he was rich. Then came the crash and he lost it all. It forced him to return to working for the man. But it also forced him into a search for a business that would require no debt. One that would pay him consistently. (Every day would be nice.) And a business that was on the cutting edge and growing. He found it all in Airbnb.

Airbnb allows travelers to stay in a home setting as opposed to a sterile hotel setting, and the concept has literally changed the way people travel. It makes travel more accessible, and more affordable for the masses.

Brian started his Airbnb business by using the spare bedroom in his own apartment. He earned over six figures in his first six months using Airbnb and over $300k his first year, and he did it by adding one property a month.

Once he had a few properties, he did the very thing that I teach all my investor students—he set up systems and automated them. Once the automated systems were in place, he started teaching others. Now Brian has students all over the world who are making an amazing amount of income from controlling their own listings—without owning any property.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can do the same thing.


What’s inside:

  • Brian’s early days in real estate investing
  • The profile of Airbnb – why it’s on the cutting edge
  • Growth stats of Airbnb
  • Why this business can be good for almost anyone
  • How the business can run with very little of your involvement—automation
  • How to locate the just-right properties
  • Dealing with the landlords/owners
  • What lease to use
  • Staging the property
  • Clarifying the issue of sub-leasing
  • Elements of outsourcing

Mentioned in this episode:

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