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I’ve been doing land deals for a while now, and I’m really enjoying this facet of real estate investing. But I’m blown away by how much more I learn about land deals in this episode with Scott Todd. Scott’s been in this business for less than 3 years, and he’s already closed hundreds of deals. Plus, he’s pulling in $25k/month in passive income.

Scott didn’t start out in real estate. In fact, he was the CEO of a large corporation. When a big shift came in the organization, he saw the end coming and knew he had to branch out into something else. That’s when he found Mark Podolsky with the Land Geek.

Scott studied the materials, followed Mark’s directions and had 5 offers within 35 days of starting. Within 75 days, he’d sold all 5. When the day came to leave his corporate position, he had enough passive income to sustain his family. What a story!

He shares in this interview how his business functions, and how he can run it working just 10 hours a month. He outlines his business model, explaining the systems he uses and what he outsources.

Another perk: the online programs that Scott has designed and created! A must-see!

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The story of Scott’s background and startup in real estate investing
  • Why he prefers the land model for investing
  • The business model that he has created
  • How passive income is created (and how it grows)
  • His marketing strategy
  • His advertising strategy to sell properties
  • Tasks that are outsourced and how that is handled
  • Systems used in the business
  • What results when a buyer defaults
  • Methods of payment collections

Mentioned in this episode:

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