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This is an amazing story of a gal who jumped into real estate investing and in less than two years has a staff of 10 people and has flipped over 100 houses.

Dallas, Texas investor, Jamie Wooley, is knocking it out of the ballpark – and in this episode, she tells about how she got started and how she was able to make this happen.

Jamie is Wholesaling Inc. lead coach and founder of W Streets LLC. She’s a rehab and team building expert. This former office manager knew nothing about wholesaling when she started (she admits she didn’t even know what wholesaling was), but she’s been willing to learn as she goes.

In spite of making mistakes along the way, Jamie is a real “I can do it” type personality who says, “I run, I don’t walk!” When starting out, she did every part of the business herself, feeling that if she hadn’t experienced it she would have been unable to train others.

The heart of her business is to be a caring solution for distressed homeowners. Now she wants to teach, train and encourage other women to find their road to success in real estate.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How and why Jamie turned to real estate investing
  • The story of her first deal
  • Jamie’s marketing strategy
  • The tools she uses
  • The need for good customer service
  • The importance of followup
  • Her strategy for reinvesting to build the business
  • Starting out simple but massive

Mentioned in this episode:

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