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In this episode, I’m conducting a fun interview with one of my students from Montana – Jack Ryan. I wanted to feature Jack because he just put together a simple but pretty amazing deal. As you listen, I know you’re going to learn a few important lessons.

At this time, Jack is doing no direct mail marketing at all. Know what his marketing method consists of? Calling ads on Craigslist. And that’s exactly how he came upon the deal he describes in this interview.

Jack brings to light the importance of making calls and answering the phone. In other words—the “power of the phone.”

One time, he was unaware when he first called about a property that it was a commercial property, but once that fact came to light, it didn’t faze him in the least. The property was located in a small out-of-the way town in Montana and was on the verge of foreclosure. It was definitely a distressed property.

I grill Jack pretty thoroughly on exactly how he made this deal work. (Would you believe lease option?)

Jack makes the point that he simply did what he’d learned from our coaching calls and my REIM podcast.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • A big marketing budget is not necessary to snag deals
  • There’s power in making calls and answering the phone
  • Calling ads on Craigslist is still a great way to find deals
  • How Jack finds buyers
  • The importance of following up on old leads
  • The effectiveness of lease options

Mentioned in this episode:

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