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I’m excited to have Gregory Hodges back with me for this amazing episode. I’ve had him on the podcast before, and it’s always a well-received episode because he gives out such great information.

We start out discussing how direct mail marketing is tougher now than it was a few years ago, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to fold and quit. We just have to look for ways to be more creative.

Many investors are sitting on hundreds (sometimes thousands) of old leads—doing nothing with them. They believe they’re worthless.

Gregory has jumped on this by teaming up with investors to call their old leads and partner on the profits. At first, he has to convince them that the leads truly do have value. (Because they usually say, “There’s nothing there.”) After he starts closing on 2 or 3 deals a month, they begin to get the picture.

He’s presently working with several investors across the country, and looking for more. He has a team of experienced callers in place to call the leads.

As I’m always saying, “The fortune’s in the follow up.” And Gregory’s proving that it’s true.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How marketing is changing in this season (everything is cyclical)
  • Time to be creative in investing
  • No excuses for not moving ahead; time to hustle
  • The value of old leads
  • How to partner with other investors
  • The million-dollar skill
  • Why it’s necessary to get good on the phone
  • Learning how to get good on the phone

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Joe and Gregory, this method is so true. We just landed a 5 figure month last month all from the country of Panama doing just this method. The phone has become our go to means for getting to sellers quickly. The Lord bless!

  2. I swear every time I hear these two talk I’m pumped to get on the phone and make a deal happen! 200 calls made today and definitely went out of my comfort zone. Thanks Joe!

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