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My good friend, Matt Theriault, is my guest in this episode. My reason for inviting him is two-fold. First of all, I always like to tap into Matt’s knowledge and insight of what’s going on in the marketplace. And second, he is coming to St. Louis to hold a workshop this summer, and I wanted to get more details about that.

Because Matt’s operations are virtual, he has his finger on the pulse of a number of different locations around the country. He says that things are slowing down a little from just a few years ago, but that only means things are getting back to normal. Not that the bottom is falling out of the market. In his words, real estate is still the “last great frontier” where the average person can build wealth. It gives the best tax shelter and offers the most leverage.

When negotiating with sellers, Matt’s approach is to give options and to “partner” with the seller, letting them think they are creating their own solution. As he says, let the market be the “bad cop.”

As I mentioned, the second reason I wanted Matt on the podcast with me is because of his Epic Intensive workshop coming up August 3rd-5th here in my home city of St. Louis. The workshop is actually for the entire week, but the main event is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Matt shares the format of the Intensive workshop.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Matt’s take on today’s market
  • His clever strategy for working with sellers
  • The flexibility of seller financing and why it works
  • How his company is using direct mail as a marketing tool
  • The importance of following up
  • Different ways to follow up on old leads
  • His thoughts on choosing the best exit strategy (the best for you and your business)
  • What’s on the docket for the Epic Intensive in St. Louis August 3rd-5th

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I would love for you guys to do another podcast because I’m very curious to see how that Facebook marketing is going. You touched base on it before with Matt so I’d like to hear what’s working!

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