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Alex and I have the privilege, in this episode, of learning about Phil Pustejovsky’s story and about his current successful business. Phil is one of the leading mentors in the industry today, but it was a long road to success. He had a college education, but he quit a good job to go into real estate investing.

When he made some expensive mistakes, he wound up living out of his truck for a time. (He was too embarrassed and ashamed to tell his parents what he’d done!)

Through the tutelage of a caring real estate coach, Phil was eventually able to live the life of freedom he always wanted, moving to a waterfront mansion in Florida. But rather than rest on all of his personal success, Phil wanted to do more deals across the country and to help others achieve what he had accomplished.

This passion led him to begin coaching investors—and then partnering with them and splitting the profits 50/50. The next step was to set up his business, which he calls Freedom Mentor. The name depicts his secret to success as well as his goal for each person he mentors. He wants all of his coaching clients to experience a life of freedom.

Along the way, Phil has “collected” stories of deals that have gone bad (both his and his students’ stories), and tells them so others can learn.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Phil’s background and the mistakes he made prior to success
  • His passion to help other investors
  • Examples of bad deals and why they went bad
  • The downside of rehabbing
  • The teaching videos he’s created
  • How he operates his business now

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I heard Phil once say, “what they don’t teach you about wholesaling” and it’s so true. He talks about things that no guru will dare say, but it’s what we need to know!

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