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In this episode, we have Christina Krause back with us, and Alex and I fire off a bevy of questions to learn more about probates.

Christina’s been in this business since 1999, and she’s done about every type of deal there is, but now she works only with probates.

If you’re not clear on what a probate lead is or what a probate deal is, it’s working with an estate after the owner has passed away. That estate often includes a house, but the heirs aren’t interested in keeping it. It may be a confusing time for the family, and they need help in knowing the best way to divest themselves of this asset.

Christina’s company, Postal Impact, offers probate leads to clients. These leads are particularly difficult to get because every county in the country has different rules and regulations. Postal Impact does the legwork to get these types of leads.

Her company’s specialty is the ability to quickly test many different types of mailing strategies. This might be the difference between first class and pre-sort, or the size and color of the envelopes, or even how to address the envelopes (pen or marker).

While probate leads are the most expensive, they tend to be the most lucrative. There are fewer probate leads to be found, but they prove to have a higher percentage of closed deals.

Postal Impact offers a complete done-for-you mailing package for investors.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Christina’s background in the business
  • Understanding the probate process
  • Why probate leads are the most difficult to obtain
  • Why probate leads are the most lucrative
  • Dealing with calls from angry people
  • Ideas for different mailing strategies
  • The importance of a marketing plan
  • Why being consistent is crucial for marketing

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. I liked what Christina had to say but I’m curious as to how this will hold up in Denver. I’ve been pursuing probates for two years and now it’s the list everyone is after. In a market like Denver it’s hard to say if we’ll get the same results she’s gotten. Just got to keep going!

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