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Your business is located in the Midwest, yet you live in beautiful San Diego, California. Can that be possible? How can your business operate with you so far away?

That’s exactly how Tony Javier operates his real estate investing business. His company, Professional Home Buyers, is located in Wichita, Kansas, where Tony was born and raised. His long-standing dream of living in San Diego came to pass once he fully staffed his office with reliable, trustworthy people.

In this episode, as Alex and I grill him, Tony covers all the details of exactly how his company started and has grown over the years. We were especially interested in how he works around the fact that Kansas is a non-disclosure state. Wouldn’t that make things tougher when it comes to having access to good lists? It doesn’t seem to be slowing him down, as his company fixes & flips over 100 houses a year.

Tony is definitely a sterling example of an entrepreneur who has learned how to build a team, how to run an operation and how to keep his hands off of the mundane.

What tasks come under Tony’s jurisdiction? You might be surprised to hear how few there really are. For instance, he explained that their CRM of choice is Podio, then admitted he’d been on the program one time.

Now that’s a great picture of delegating!

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How Tony first got started in 2001
  • The criteria to choose: fix & flip or rent to own?
  • Percentage of properties they hold for RTO and why
  • Working around the non-disclosure issue
  • The long process of team-building
  • Tasks that Tony handles personally
  • Hiring one individual to be president of the company
  • Markets into which they will be expanding soon

Mentioned in this episode:

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