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In this episode, Alex and I host Indianapolis native and successful real estate investor, Sterling White. Sterling’s background tells us that he had an entrepreneurial mindset from a very young age. He’s taken his natural energy and skill and co­founded an ever-expanding real estate company. Much of the insight and trade knowledge Sterling now possesses, he owes to his mentor, Will Bates.

Sterling and Will formed a Mastermind alliance, and Will imparted lessons from his years of experience in managing well over 500 units in historic apartment complexes.

At Holdfolio, Sterling focuses on building strong investor relations with clients, property acquisitions and creating strategic and directed marketing campaigns to grow their brand. Sterling is hands-on about creating value for other investors. This is evident in his many informative blogs on the Bigger Pockets website.

Sterling shares about how when he started out in wholesaling, rather than settling for a simple fee, he negotiated for a percent of the ownership. A strategy that has served him well.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Sterling’s background
  • His strategy for working the target markets with which he’s familiar
  • Why he chose to be a JV partner with other investors
  • How his marketing has changed; how his marketing works today
  • Why he’s such a consistent contributor to the Bigger Pockets blog site

Mentioned in this episode:

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