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You’ve heard me talk a lot about Gavin, but some of you still don’t know who Gavin is. So, in this episode, you’re going meet him and get acquainted.

I met Gavin (who’s a Brit, by the way), at one of the workshops that I held in Spain. That was just over a year ago, and now we’re working partners. I’ve always been impressed with Gavin’s story of how he first started, because he had absolutely no background in the real estate industry. In fact, his career had been in golf, and more specifically as a golf coach.

He started attending groups where investors hang out. He had no money for marketing, but he is a sharp salesman.  With this in mind, he offered his services as one who could call other investors’ old leads. Wait till you hear how he cashed in on his strengths to become an asset to other investors. What a great lesson in the fact that you don’t have to have all the pieces of the puzzle in order to get started in this business.

Another aspect of Gavin’s story—that so agrees with my own philosophy—is that he knew what he wanted as a lifestyle. Because he was settled in this decision, he then built his business to support that lifestyle. And this is how he and I teach the coaching students who come to us.

We also discuss how our coaching program functions, and the steps you can take to see if you’re a fit for this program. We have story after story of our students who are doing deals, simply because we lay out the pathway for them, and they follow it!

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Gavin’s backstory – why he chose real estate investing (even though he had no prior knowledge of the industry)
  • How Gavin broke in and started closing deals almost immediately
  • The importance of choosing lifestyle first, then creating the business to support it
  • The difference between education and implementation
  • Examples of our coaching student successes
  • How to know if this coaching program is for youSteps to take to enter into this coaching program

Mentioned in this episode:

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