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The sure sign of a loser is one who gets knocked down and doesn’t get back up. On the other hand, the sure sign of a winner is one who gets knocked down (sometimes repeatedly), and just keeps popping right back up. The latter definitely describes our guest for this episode, Andrew Werner.

Andy successfully operates his investing business in a highly competitive market: Phoenix. He combines his investing business with a lending division, and coaching/mentoring. While you might look at how his business is thriving now, you’d be amazed to learn the hard knocks he had to push through to get here.

Andy literally grew up in the world of real estate as his father was a contractor. However, his passion was football. His life-long dream was to get a football scholarship. That part of the dream came true. But all it took was one knee injury (almost before he ever got started) to end that dream.

He then teamed up with a wholesaling business that he helped pull out of a deep hole of debt. After several years of being in the black, he was ready to part ways, but the partners made it difficult. Instead of fighting them in court, sensing the coming storm in RE, he chose to just walk away and start over.

After building his own growing and successful business, it was rocked from the inside by embezzlement of epic proportions. Recovering from this blow, he decided to turn to coaching, which had always been in his heart to do.

You’ll hear how Andy combines his businesses, how his team works and how he operates a successful wholesaling and fix & flip business in this highly competitive market.

If you’re a little down on your luck, you’ll be energized by learning about Andy’s ability to turn things around and then flourish.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Andy’s current business model
  • Details of his direct mail marketing schedule
  • Details of the lending part of his business
  • Success of cold-calling marketing strategy
  • Calling the same list used for direct mail (different people respond to different approaches)
  • Why calling is seldom used by investors (and why it’s so lucrative)
  • Finding deals from the MLS
  • The coaching/mentoring side – local only
  • The importance of finding a niche and sticking with it

Mentioned in this episode:

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