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How do you go from nothing to buying and fixing up apartment complexes? You’ll find out in this episode where I interview Corey Peterson. His company is called Kahuna Wealth Builders—the name stems from his love affair with Hawaii.

Early on, Corey saw the success of a real estate investor who lived on the “garden island” of Kauai, a visit which he refers to as magical.

Corey jumped into real estate investing, which resulted in a rocky start. Then, stepping back for a time, he became a financial advisor with Edward Jones. He made it through the “door-knocking” stage, all the way up to having his own office. But even with that success, he wasn’t satisfied. In his heart, he wanted to be in real estate. After being fired, he had no choice!

The best place to start for quick cash is wholesaling, and that’s exactly what Corey did and he never looked back. He’d learned about networking with Edward Jones, so he put that knowledge to work. He was totally committed; ready to find a way to win with real estate.

The big turning point happened when he accidentally gained his first private investor. That was a game-changer. Learning the ins and outs of raising capital, he very soon raised over $2M. But that was just the beginning.

His big goal was to graduate up to multi-family properties. That came when he changed, “I wish I could,” to “How can I?”

To date, Corey has flipped, renovated, converted, acquired and sold over $21 million in real estate in Arizona alone. He’s also been involved in the ownership and management of over $13M nationwide commercial and residential properties throughout his career. Kahuna Investment’s current multifamily portfolio totals over 334 units and is valued at over $11M.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The story of Corey’s early (rocky) start in real estate investing (no capital)
  • Knocking on doors in the Arizona heat for Edward Jones
  • Why he burned out at Edward Jones
  • The accidental discovery of his first private investor
  • How he approaches potential private investors
  • How the profits work for his investors
  • How Kahuna stays abreast of SEC regulations
  • Kahuna’s business model for acquiring and fixing up B & C apartment complexes
  • Why they have more deals coming in than capital to acquire them
  • Their current thrust for raising adequate capital

Mentioned in this episode:

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