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Using Facebook as an advertising venue has been a puzzle that many investors are trying to solve. But who has the time to work on new types of marketing, right? Well, that problem has been solved. In this episode, I interview marketer, Grant Wise, who has been helping Realtors and real estate investors around the country learn how to crack the code for using FB ads. And now you can hear him explain it in detail.

Grant is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Real Estate Marketing University, an online media training company. Grant is known to be a maverick leader and an innovative marketing strategist unafraid to lead companies in new directions.

He’s helped over 400 companies, entrepreneurs and business owners actualize their dreams through hands-on learning. Grant has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and he’s constantly striving for RESULTS in his clients’ businesses.

Grant is a marketing guru who loves to explore all the possibilities of many different types of marketing. You’ll learn new strategies of how you can make FB ads work for you, no matter your niche in real estate investing.

Grant also tells about his new marketing software that he’s just now unveiling. Grant and I will be talking more about this powerful product in an upcoming webinar. More details coming soon.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Many demographic choices for FB ads
  • Tactics for drilling deep into a neighborhood (to showcase a property)
  • Comparing FB ads to the cost of direct mail
  • Where to send respondents
  • How to design the best landing page (1 page; 1 purpose)
  • The importance of a quick response
  • Examples of featuring an open house (or auction) as a FB “event”
  • How one could develop an FB ad agency
  • Grant’s new software
  • Upcoming webinar with Joe and Grant

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. This should definitely help out my Facebook marketing and at least make it profitable in other avenues. Still tricky with motivated sellers.

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