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Brian Trippe is a relative newcomer to the real estate investing scene, but he’s making waves in a big way. Formerly a basketball coach, he changed direction when his wife confided to him that she wanted to quit her high-paying job. He wanted to make that happen for her and it would not be as a coach. Real estate investing became the answer.

Brian hails from Birmingham, Alabama, and he is intent on remaining in that area. Having bought and sold over 100 properties, Brian understands the Birmingham market as well as anyone.

Alex and I learn Brian’s story as we interview him in this episode. He started in the business in 2012, and has been involved in both traditional real estate and real estate investing. One of his first projects was a 6-unit, which he looked to for passive income. After realizing it was taking too much time and cash, he turned to wholesaling.

He built up a wholesaling business, then launched his own brokerage. Once those two businesses were running without his involvement, he turned to developing a local REIA, which he calls, “ALAREIA.” Due to his love of teaching, Brian’s passion is to create a local network for investors, supplying teaching materials and bringing in keynote speakers for educational purposes.

Brian’s core business belief is to give, give, give. This is evident by what can be seen (and heard) on his Facebook page, the ALAREIA venue, as well as his podcasts.

Brian Trippe is definitely one to watch (and learn from) as he continues to build his business and his following.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Brian’s background in the field of education
  • Why he turned to real estate
  • How he built up two self-sustaining businesses in a very short time
  • His most recent acquisition (his best investment yet)
  • His premise for working in his local area
  • The launch of his local REIA group
  • Brian’s core business belief and how it resonates throughout all he does

Mentioned in this episode:

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