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My guest on this episode, John Martinez, serves as a sales trainer for real estate investors all across the country. This guy knows his stuff. And if you want to know how to rev up your game in the area of sales, this info is just what you’re looking for.

John certainly didn’t start out with an aim to be a top-notch sales person, and he shares the chain of events that moved him in this direction. First it was sales, then on to sales consulting and team building, then training real estate investors, and subsequently into real estate investing himself.

He talks about the “marriage” of marketing and sales, and that you can’t have one without the other. Selling is easy to learn, John says, when you have the right training, the right tools and systems, and the right scripts.

When it comes to building your own sales staff, you have to know when to begin hiring and what to look for in your team members. John has the inside scoop in this department.

This is your chance to learn from an actual Investor who just happens to also be a sales expert.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • John’s journey into sales and real estate investing
  • His insight into the art of sales and selling
  • Marriage of marketing and selling
  • Tools and systems necessary for great selling
  • How to know when to hire a sales team and/or acquisitions manager
  • When building a sales team—keep the pipeline full
  • Ads for hiring sales staff that bring the right candidates
  • Setting high expectations for new hires
  • The importance of using proven scripts

Mentioned in this episode:

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