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Every landlord who has ever rented has the same old story…

They take time to drive to the property to meet with a potential renter, and it’s a no-show. Or that potential renter has odd work hours and can only meet with you early in the morning or late at night. Or you show the property a half dozen times and still no renter.

That landlord has no life. It’s enough to make an investor want to sell every rental they own.

Divyesh Panchal, has been in the industry for over 10 years and owns 140 units that he has to keep rented. He was that kind of landlord who was struggling with these issues but said, “This is not acceptable. There has to be a better way.”

To find the “better way,” he turned to his friend, Daniel Dawson, and between the two of them, they developed the “Key Please” program. Their goal is to “bring landlording into today’s world.” In this episode, Alex and I interview both Divyesh and Daniel.

Key Please is a creative system. Landlords who use the Key Please program are not brought into the picture until that potential renter has had a background check, has actually seen the property (accessed using a special code) and has expressed a valid interest in the property. What a time saver!

The program is also a boon to those who are looking to rent. It’s convenient, quick and easy. It helps all parties involved.

Key Please is in a state of ongoing development where more and more steps are being automated. What used to take days, now takes minutes. This means less time for a unit to be unoccupied and quicker income for the landlord. This is in addition to all the time and work that is taken off the landlord’s plate.

Key Please allows the landlord to get his life back. Check it out.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Experience and background of both Divyesh and Daniel
  • How Key Please advertises; how they snag a lead
  • Their niche market – independent landlords who are doing all the work
  • How the potential tenant is screened and qualified
  • The process from seeing the ad to actually touring the property
  • How “blackout hours” work
  • Website access for the landlord
  • How Key Please is involved in background checks and negotiations
  • Landlord’s fee for Key Please services – how it can be paid

Mentioned in this episode:

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