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As you know (if you’re a regular listener to the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast), Alex and I have been co-hosting this podcast for many years. For this episode, you’re going to get a real treat, because I’m interviewing the one and only Alex Joungblood himself. What a new twist, right?

Alex is a veteran investor, and a successful one at that. He’s replete with techniques and strategies that have helped him become a success. He’s well known for finding the “hot spots” to go where the money is.

We’re going behind the scenes to see exactly how his business works.

His business model is set up in three parts, designed to maintain steady income at all times. (One of which is the field of new construction.) You’ll learn about his team, how he markets, how and what he outsources, and his ideas on follow up, plus a lot more.

Alex and I also get into an extensive discussion about how to use old leads. You’ll definitely get good ideas from this part of the interview.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Alex’s 3-part business model to ensure steady cash flow
  • What’s in Alex’s pipeline now and how he keeps it full
  • Alex’s target market
  • How Alex’s team functions (one member is a Realtor)
  • What and how Alex outsources
  • Alex’s thoughts on direct mail
  • Costs involved in direct mail
  • The importance of follow-up

Mentioned in this episode:

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