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A lot of actionable information is packed into this interview with Mike Powell and Tim Macy. These two investor partners work in the San Antonio, TX area. Because of their different expertise, we cover two separate topics during the interview.

Seller financing is a subject that has long fascinated me, and I believe that’s true for many other investors as well. Seller financing is a strategy that opens so many doors for so many opportunities. Add to that the fact that it helps sellers and buyers alike. Many properties that otherwise might sit empty are sold due to seller financing. In their business model, Mike and Tim always offers seller financing to every seller.

eXp Realty is a fairly new innovation in which Tim and Mike are involved. This cloud-based company offers licensed Realtors amazing perks that are lacking in many other, more well-known brokerages.

Those of you who are regular listeners to this podcast know that I often encourage investors to get their real estate license. I feel it’s well worth the time, expense and effort. Tim and Mike are in full agreement. During the interview, they share a number of innovative ways in which being licensed has expanded their business.

From their position in eXp, they bring on other Realtor/investors and equip them with tools to scale their businesses and aid in their success.

As I said, there’s a great deal of information in this episode.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Tim and Mike’s strategy for handling notes
  • How the notes are structured
  • The entity that originates the notes
  • Their marketing strategies
  • The retail side of their business
  • The advantages of eXp Realty
  • Tools offered through eXP
  • Cloud-based vs. brick-and-mortar business model

Mentioned in this episode:

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