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A long-standing, professional, veteran rehabber is not among the majority in the real estate investing arena. But Patrick Cleary certainly fits that description. Pat rehabs in the San Diego area, and has been active in the business for over 15 years.

As Alex and I interview Pat in this episode, you can hear his passion for what he does. He’s doing what he loves and does a great job at it. Pat says, when he walks into a trashed house, he feels right at home. Creating something beautiful out of something that’s in disrepair is his calling in life.

It’s wasn’t all a bed of roses for Pat, because when he started out he just took a leap. He quit a great job and moved from California to Arizona. The reason being, he knew if he were comfortable in his old job, he’d never take action. So, he forced himself into the investing business. At the time, he knew nothing about networking or how to leverage the knowledge of others. That would come later.

Eventually, he started working for a large realty company as a project manager, and then starred on their rehabbing TV show. This became his hands-on education experience. When he was ready to go out on his own, he knew the business.

However, it was a stretch for Pat to realize he did not have to do it all. He had to adjust to being the businessman – and learn how to hire his crews.

Another passion of Pat’s is coaching and helping beginning investors to break through their fear barriers… especially the ones who spend a fortune buying information on how to do this business, but never take action. Those are the ones he enjoys helping.

Throughout the interview, Pat is giving out nuggets of techniques and strategies that he uses in his own business. As well as the value-system upon which he builds that business.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Pat’s background in the business of investing
  • How he adjusted to being on his own
  • How he makes it in the tough market of San Diego, CA
  • The areas and types of houses he rehabs
  • The principles upon which he builds his business
  • Pat’s definition of success
  • Why he is not enamored with “making more money…”
  • Why he does not market
  • His views on “competition”
  • Why he loves coaching other investors

Mentioned in this episode:

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