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You’ll need to bring pencil and paper and your full attention to this episode, because my guests – Jimmy Vreeland and Bob Scott – have a boatload of information to share. These guys are from right here in my hometown of St. Louis, and they’ve been partnering together in this business for about 2 ½ years.
Both have a military background, which – as they admit – gives them a bit of an edge in getting things done with very little procrastination. Bob was flipping houses while he was still in the Air Force, and continued to do so after getting out of the military.
Jimmy, on the other hand, was working a full-time job, and once he discovered real estate investing, his goal was to be able to quit that job. That goal was reached about a year ago.
The two started out wholesaling and buying rental properties, but once they learned about lease options at a Ron LeGrand seminar, that became the major focus of all they do. Their lease option properties in the St Louis area number more than 100. That adds up to an amazing amount of monthly cash flow.
You’ll hear them talk about how they market, find deals, find investors and run their business. (You may be surprised to learn that many of their deals are from right off the MLS.)
These two launched into a discussion of how to use whole life insurance as part of a real estate investing plan. That’s when Alex and I called a stop and suggested we do a Part II of the interview. So stay tuned, it’s coming.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why lease options are so attractive to today’s home buyers
  • The type of homes Bob and Jimmy look for and why
  • Typical monthly cash flow they look for in a deal
  • Where they find tenant buyers
  • How they built their team
  • How Bob goes about finding private money lenders
  • Basic information regarding the investment potential of a whole life insurance policy

Mentioned in this episode:

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