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Your head will be spinning after you listen to this episode.

I’m interviewing Rod Khleif whose specialty in real estate investing is multi-family properties. But this veteran is not just talking about his specialty — he’s giving out information and advice that all investors need to hear.

Throughout his years in the business, he’s personally owned and managed over 2000 apartments and homes. Quite a record. Rod has the “been-there-done-that” T-shirt, and, as he states, with all the band-aids to prove it.

In 2006, he was worth millions, and by 2008, he not only lost it all, but was in debt. What a painful experience. Rather than call them failures, he prefers to call them life lessons. The best lesson is that Rod never even considered quitting. And now he’s back stronger and smarter than ever before. According to Rod, it’s easier the second time.

Before the ’08 crash, Rod was neck-deep in single family dwellings, but during the crash, the properties that came through unscathed were his multi-family properties. Another good lesson. That’s why he enjoys teaching on the subject of investing in these properties.

In his career, Rod has survived 3 real estate contractions — none so devastating as ’08 — but he learned from each one. Because of those experiences, he gives eye-opening instructions of how to prepare for and survive the next one.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to bounce back after a crash
  • How to prevent being destroyed in a crash
  • How Rod restored his credit
  • The difference between “value” and “cash flow” when business-building
  • How to prepare for the next contraction
  • Understanding how contrarian investors invest
  • Main advantages of owning multi-family properties as opposed to single-family props
  • How to get started investing in multi-family properties
  • The importance of the mental aspects of doing business

Mentioned in this episode:

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