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Most of you know what a fan I am of lease options. It becomes quite obvious as you listen to the many episodes of my podcast. So what could be more enjoyable for me than to interview a couple with similar passion for lease options?

My lengthy, and highly informative interview with Jonathan and Aricka Brazer covers just about every advantage you could possibly think of when it comes to lease options. They share how they got started and why they wound up focusing mainly in this area of real estate investing.

I met this couple only a short time ago and was immediately impressed with the success of their business. They’ve been steadily building their portfolio right here in my hometown of St. Louis. At this time, they hold nearly 30 houses occupied by tenant-buyers. You’ll hear them clearly explain the 3 areas of potential income available with lease options.

Jonathan and Aricka have established strong guidelines and operating procedures that allow their business to thrive. This includes carefully selected neighborhoods, a strict screening process and minimum dollar amount for monthly cash flow for each deal.

I guarantee this episode will supply you with ideas for techniques and strategies for easily entering into this investing arena. It will definitely move you to take action.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The many benefits and advantages of lease options
  • The process used in finding leads
  • The presentation used to approach sellers
  • The process used for screening tenant-buyers
  • Ways in which to prepare tenant-buyers; clearly laying out their responsibilities
  • Guidelines for choosing the best neighborhoods
  • Boundaries for minimum monthly cashflow
  • The best length of time for the lease option
  • Possible problems along the way and how to handle them
  • Jonathan and Aricka’s “dream team” that helps make the business run smoothly

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. This was great. I just met Jonathan & Arika in Anaheim, CA at a Lifeonaire weekend. Surprise and fun to hear them talking. I also attended your one-day workshop in LA last month. Wanted to sign up for your great offer then, but needed to convince my partner first. If he doesn’t listen by end of year, I’m going to decide on my own and work with one of you. I hope he will listen to this podcast. It is awesome and really tells it how it is without a lot of sales fluff. I am new and need help, but willing to work and want to take action. My target is the Phoenix market. Just recently moved from there after almost 20 years.

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