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What a powerful interview with my long-time friend and colleague, Christina Krause. Christina holds nothing back as she describes in detail about working with probate leads and deals.

Even though she’s done nearly every type of deal in real estate investing — and has been doing so since 1999 — at this time, she markets only for probates.

When a family member passes away and the estate goes to probate court, oftentimes it will include a house. It could be a very nice property, but the heirs are not interested in keeping it. They need help in knowing the best way to divest themselves of this asset.

This is where investors enter the picture. But where can these leads be found? And once they are found, how are they handled?

That’s all covered by Christina in this packed interview. See, probates are quite different than any other lead, which means they are handled differently…

You’ll see why Christina is so enthusiastic about this facet of investing. So enthusiastic, in fact, that she now has her own company set up to help other investors from all over the country get access to probate leads. Wait till you hear what all her company offers to investors. You’ll be amazed at that and all the valuable information she’s sharing about probates.

Get Christina's Free Book “Big Profits With Probates” HERE

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Why and how probates differ from any and all other investing leads
  • Why there is less competition
  • Where the information is found and what’s required to access these leads
  • Courthouse information
  • The great advantages of probate deals
  • The ins and outs of seller contact and negotiations
  • The necessity of consistent follow-up
  • Detailed information about Christina’s company

Mentioned in this episode:

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