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Alex and I have a great time in this episode, interviewing a young, 24-year-old Raphael Vargas. It’s a little tricky for Alex and me to get our heads around how young this entrepreneur is, especially in light of what a strong wholesaling business he’s built up in the Washington, DC area. (Which, in itself, is a tough market.)

Early on, Raphael made a wise decision to work with a coach. However, he made a very unwise decision in choosing who to trust. This so-called coach made off with Raphael’s money ($3k) – which was all the young college student had to his name at that time – and was never heard from again.

This alone would have stalled out any other person…

Raphael isn’t just any other person. His solution was to go online and ferret out all the free information and instruction he could find, which ultimately led him to my Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcasts.

Eventually, Raphael started closing deals – the first one netted him a cool $30k. Today, Raphael’s business consists of several strong team members, doing deals that average around $67k net profit.

The business model Raphael and his team use is to go into zoned areas to purchase single-family units, where multi-family units can now be built. Or they purchase multi-family units, clear them out, then flip to developers.

Really interesting and inspiring info on this episode. Get to it.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Special marketing strategies used in DC due to its small size
  • Direct mail marketing strategies
  • The importance of using a good CRM
  • What Raphael’s group is doing that no one else is willing to do (hence their corner on the market)
  • His intense team-training methods
  • Incentivizing techniques that retain team members long-term

Mentioned in this episode:

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