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In this episode, Alex and I conduct a fascinating interview with Craig Ballantyne. Craig is an author, fitness trainer, self-improvement coach and editor of the personal development newsletter, Early To Rise.

The level of inspiration and motivational ideas in this episode is amazing, much of which can be found in Craig’s book, The Perfect Day Formula. He covers areas of business, health, weight loss, family and personal motivation.

And you’ll hear him tell how he broke free from what he calls, “crippling anxiety.”

Craig encourages you to create a life that your business fits around, rather than a business that your life must fit around. He talks about how to let your vision be at the center. He also shares – looking back – about what he feels was his biggest mistake.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • What the “perfect day” looks like
  • The 5 pillars of success and transformation
  • The importance of having rules and boundaries in your life
  • How the “law of attraction” should be the “law of action”
  • How to control your days
  • The importance of mornings
  • The 15-minute plan

Mentioned in this episode:

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