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When I started out in real estate investing, my very first coach was Shaun McCloskey. I appreciated his coaching because he had a heart and a passion for helping others. Such passion, in fact, that for a long time he simply did it all for free.

Years have passed, and now Shaun and I both have successful coaching businesses, and we both have that passion for helping others.

In this episode, I give Shaun the floor for him to talk about how his coaching business evolved from a freebie situation to charging for his services. His insight presents a great backdrop for the new workshop that we are developing.

Shaun has had experience not only in coaching, but also in teaching and training others to coach. He can point to a long list of successful coaches he trained.

Shaun and I both are often asked how others can get started in the coaching business – so much so that we’ve decided to answer that – and we’re setting up a workshop for those interested and the details are all here.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Details for the new coaching workshop
  • What is included in the workshop
  • Business models for a coaching program
  • How to provide value
  • Requirements to be a coach
  • Benefits of coaching

Mentioned in this episode:

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