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REIM 152

In this amazing episode, it won’t take you very long to notice that Alex and I are super excited about our guest. Kent Clothier has become a legend in real estate investing, and we pepper him with intense questions all through this episode.

Kent has always been the entrepreneurial type, beginning when he was only 17 years old. At the time, he was in the wholesale grocery business with his father. Once they began implementing Kent’s innovative ideas into the business, it morphed into a billion-dollar enterprise.

Being young and cocky (as he openly admits), he walked away from it all, thinking he could do it again on his own. This led him on a journey from the pinnacle to the pit in a very short time. He now knew what it was like to lose it all and be at the bottom of the heap.

It was at this point that he tuned in to one of those infamous late-night infomercials about real estate investing. Cheesy as it was, Kent says if it weren’t for that infomercial, he’d never be where he is today. What came next, of course, was the weekend seminar at a local hotel. He attended and was hooked. He bought the course and never looked back.

His real estate investing empire now includes many facets, not the least of which is software, which Alex and I use in our businesses every day.

Now you see why I say this episode is amazing…

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • Understanding the difference between buying on appreciation (speculation) or buying on cash flow (fundamentals)
  • The idea Kent got early on – something no other investor was doing
  • What Kent discovered by spending hours at the county courthouse (meticulously handwriting his findings)
  • His take on “reverse wholesaling”
  • How he came to know exactly what his buyers wanted
  • Understanding that lazy questions bring about lazy answers
  • How to be totally in the driver’s seat when talking to buyers
  • The importance of shopping for your buyers rather than selling to them

Mentioned in this episode:

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