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REIM 150 Something special is coming down your pipeline, as Alex and I interview Rob Swanson yet again. (Make sure you check out episode #149 for Part 1.) Get this – today’s unique episode is 2 hours long. Yep, you read that right – 2 hours. Why so long? Because in this Part 2 of Rob pulling back the curtain on his updated and enhanced version of FreedomSoft, he holds nothing back. Rob purchased FreedomSoft about a year ago, and the revamping and improvements that he’s done have to be seen, or rather heard in this case, to be believed. As I mentioned in Part 1, Rob’s business mantra is threefold:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Build a system
  3. Let it scale

He brought this concept into his revised version of FreedomSoft, which now serves as a business center for all facets of real estate investing. Alex and I ask plenty of questions as we walk through every stage of this amazing software program.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The simplicity of the system – every part flows well
  • How the leads act as the hub – it all begins here
  • Adding users – such as your VA
  • Scenarios can be created and changed instantly – adjusting to your local market
  • Seamlessly integrating an autoresponder – moving leads to respective lists
  • Sorting leads into groups – color coding
  • Creating email and text broadcasts
  • Progressing from leads to property to project
  • No information is lost as the deal progresses through steps
  • Used by rehabbers, wholesalers, builders
  • The software can be shared with private lenders (access to project management)
  • Direct mail feature
  • How it functions with lease-option deals
  • Mobile compatibility

Mentioned in this episode:

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  1. Joe, can Freedomsoft be used with your Virtual Wholesaling 2.0 program? I am closing on a $25k profit deal next week using your system after about a week. We used Podio, but I’d rather be marketing than tweeking it. Does Freedomsoft allow me to have multiple “partners” in a way that people don’t know each other’s business? Thx.

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