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How about it? Does a 7-figure wholesaling business sound good to you?

Or does it sound like a hyped-up, empty promise? Can it really be done?

Well, in this episode, Alex and I grill Cody Hofhine to find out exactly what this new kid on the block is doing right in Salt Lake City, UT. See, Cody’s been in the business only a few years and he’s already knockin’ it out of the ballpark – and with wholesaling only.

Cody becomes transparent in this interview as he explains several of the mistakes, flubs and failures that he had at the outset. A big believer in systems, he also goes into detail about his marketing strategies.

However, his mantra is that this is a “people business,” and that it’s crucial to focus on the people first, and the property (and potential purchase) second. Cody minces no words as he also emphasizes the need for a good mentor and accountability partners… he attributes his quick success to having both early on.

Loads of valuable info this jam-packed episode, so get to it.

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • The importance of building relationships with each lead that you follow up on
  • How to make mailing lists work for you (hint: it has to do with correct filters)
  • The “secret” list? No such thing…
  • Marketing strategies with door hangers and Post-It notes
  • How you should view competition
  • Always have an accountability partner
  • Why you need a mentor
  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded people

Mentioned in this episode:

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