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Social Media… that’s for teeny-boppers sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram, and moms sharing recipes on Pinterest. Right? Couldn’t possibly apply to me as a real estate investor…

I don’t know if the above describes your mindset regarding social media, but in this episode, my guest, Claude Diamond, puts all the doubts – and the mystery – to rest. As a seasoned investor, Claude is a whiz when it comes to using social media to ramp up his business.

Can you imagine an investor relegating almost all the marketing over to social media venues? Well, you don’t need to imagine. Just listen. Claude pulls back the curtain and gives you a clear look at exactly how he does it. More than that, he tells you exactly why he does it. Hopefully, you’ll see why you should too.

Could it be that your attitude toward social media (ignoring it, belittling it, avoiding it, fearing it…) may be causing you to miss an incredible opportunity to grow your business? Claude is not spouting theories in this episode – he’s sharing proven strategies.

Watch and Enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How social media can affect your investing business (for the good!)
  • Why social media should be part of your marketing strategy
  • How using social media results in getting quality leads
  • How you can move past feeling overwhelmed and take it one step at a time (no need to master it all)
  • Where to begin
  • Understanding the 3 tiers of real estate investing
  • What’s up-and-coming in social media – the cutting edge venues

Mentioned in this episode:

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