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We’re breaking down barriers and going international in this episode of my Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast with our friend, Reed Goossens, from Australia.

In just a few short years, Reed has established himself as a credible investor in multi-family units here in the States. No small accomplishment for someone who has only been in real estate investing for such a few short time.

Let me just say, Alex and I were pretty impressed…

In this episode, we grill Reed and dig down to find out all we can about what he does in REI, how he does it and how he learned to do it.

Like most, he started out small – with a duplex – but quickly caught the vision of how easy it is to raise the value of a property. So he enlarged to multi-family properties – in the range of 150 to 250 units.

Obviously, one doesn’t just buy such properties with cash on hand. So, Reed shares how he sets up a syndicate of accredited investors to put those deals together (crowd sourcing). Because of the legalities involved, he further explains his process of putting together a strong team. This includes state-based attorneys because laws vary in every state.

The globe is shrinking and it’s time for investors everywhere to start thinking outside the box when it comes to investing in real estate on an international level. If you’re intrigued by this concept, it’s all here!

Have at it…

Listen and enjoy:

What’s inside:

  • How to work with virtual assistants and where to find quality VAs
  • The steps that need to be taken for someone who’s international to get started investing in the U.S. – whether living in the States or never having set foot in America
  • Learn how to syndicate (or crowd source) to put deals together – and make money together
  • What rules and laws pertain to setting up such a group
  • What paperwork applies
  • What it takes for an investor in the U.S. to woo international investors
  • Details on how lease options can be an attractive investment choice for an international investor

Mentioned in this episode:

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