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REIM 134

Hey investors, Joe here with Alex Joungblood for an inspiring and truly eye-opening episode.

Today we’re joined by Gregory Hodges, who has some remarkable philosophies on real estate investing. Thus guy is brutally honest, but keeps his business really simple and just tells it like it is to make things work.

He’s been wholesaling full time for about 2 years and made more than $400,000 doing deals in 2015. Now, this skilled musician is able to play music for fun, whenever he wants, since he doesn’t have to rely on music gigs to pay the bills.

Gregory actually used my educational programs to learn REI and finally pulled the trigger – in a big, big way. I think you’re really gonna like what he has to say about direct mail, the number of phone calls to take each month, speed of implementation, mindset and more…

There was basically a fire lit under Gregory and because of his education and determination, he’s been killing it. You’ll love his way of thinking and approaching this business – I certainly do.

Listen and enjoy:

What's inside:

  • 1:43 – Joe explains the interesting way he met Gregory halfway across the globe in Spain
  • 3:15 – How Gregory is now able to do what he loves – play music – whenever he wants; thanks to REI
  • 6:05 – The incredible roster of musicians and bands Gregory has played with
  • 9:50 – Gregory shares exactly how much money he’s made in 2015, the number of deals he did and how he got started in REI
  • 17:15 – Gregory explains his unbelievable philosophy on direct mail, his ‘aha’ moment related to it and how much money he spends on direct mail each month
  • 20:55 – Gregory’s fishing analogy that will make you rethink what losing deals really means
  • 28:13 – Alex reinforces the type of mindset you have to have
  • 32:28 – What Gregory does if he doesn’t settle a deal in a day or two
  • 39:14 – Gregory’s advice for newbies: Be hungry

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Download episode transcript in PDF format here…

Joe:    Hey, ladies and gentlemen, welcome! This is the Real Estate Investing Mastery Podcast and as usual I always say this, I am glad you are here and I really am. Alex, how are you doing my man?

Alex:   I am good. Glad to be back.

Joe:   I am so excited about this podcast interview because we got a guy that I met in Barcelona, Spain of all places and he is a good old home boy from Charleston, South Carolina, is that right Gregory.

Gregory:   Actually, it is Greenville, South Carolina.

Alex:   Greenville, are you familiar with Bob Jones University?

Gregory:   Well, I mean I know, I have heard about it, I have never been in there, but I have heard a lot about it.

Joe:   Okay, interesting.

Alex:   It is a Christian school down here, I don’t know if I ever attended it, but it is like it has got its own little world over there like, nobody goes in there unless you are in. It is like a secret society club or something.

Gregory:   Ah that is interesting because that is the background I grew up in that circle of colleges and schools.

Joe:   Well that explains a lot. Can you believe it?

Gregory:   I can believe it. I can, because somebody would have attended Bob Jones University.

Joe:   So I met Gregory at the, we did a workshop with Tom Wade who is a fellow friend and investor all around good guy in Barcelona, Spain and I had talked about the workshop on the podcast before and Gregory just decided to go and it was so cool to meet him, one thing you will learn about Gregory on this podcast interview is that he is a very likeable guy because he is just brutally honest, keeps it really simple and tells it like it is.

But he is also a fantastic musician, and he has played with some incredible names that everybody would probably recognize and so we will talk about all that. I would like to just jump into the interview, but first guy is go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com to get our Fast Cash Survival Kit, lot of good goodies in there about how Alex and I do deals and how we outsource our business and do our marketing and all that good stuff, anything else about that Alex before we jump in?

Alex:   No, I am looking forward to hearing this. Anybody you have met over in Barcelona has the gumption to go to Barcelona to go to a real estate investing conferences that is somebody that I will be interested in talking to.

Joe:   Well, the cool thing about Gregory too is he is doing a bunch of deals and I am curious to know kind of Gregory how you are doing with business?

Alex:   Business and lease options, right?

Joe:   No, regular wholesaling deals.

Alex:   Oh.

Joe:   And so Gregory, how are you doing man?

Gregory:   Oh, I am doing great, business is good, the life is good, this business has definitely changed my life, I have heard other people say that but it is definitely happening to me and it is for the better. I have been doing a lot of business and it really feels good, so I feel I am on a magic carpet ride, I don’t want it to end.

Joe:   So Gregory tell us a little bit about how are things going, you got back from Barcelona, you stayed actually a little bit longer than, didn’t you stay a week after the workshop or something?

Gregory:   Oh no, I was there; I got there the week before.

Joe:   Okay, okay.

Gregory:   And left a day or two after the function, but yeah I got there I think on a Sunday and it started on a Friday, so I said if, “I am going, I am going, let me go check it all out, go do it all twice.”

Joe:   All right, all right so. Give us your history, give us your story, you have been in music for a long time.

Gregory:   Yeah, I have been a musician really my whole life and something I am passionate about, I love. And I just got back from New Orleans, I was down there for the past four days playing music and that is what I have done my whole life ever since I graduated high school, that is what I have done for a living. I made an okay living by myself, at least I like to think I did but really when I look back like I was just broke all the time and I was a minor catastrophe away from just being a nightmare.

Really, always at given point and was in uncomfortable situation so I was doing that for a long time, played music, played every single night, traveled the world, traveled the country, played music every single night, I play guitar, I haven’t said that yet, but I play guitar and also sing as well too, but mostly have been a sideman in my career. I never was the face of a band or anything like that, so that’s I have spent most of my life doing and for past 2 years I have been wholesaling fulltime.

And I guess I made the transition because I got tired playing music on a Tuesday night at some pizza joint for, to make $40 to try to pay my rent. I just got sick of it, so now I turned into where it is a beautiful thing, because now I could take, I went down to New Orleans, played music, I can take money out of the equation, I don’t have to, I can play just for the music and not for, well how much does it pay. I don’t know if I can do that, because it doesn’t pay you. So now I can really just focus on what I am passionate about, which is the music, and not the money.

Joe:   Greg, I know you dong like to brag, but brag a little bit, would you, who are some of the bands and people that you have played with?

Gregory:   Well, I mean I guess I could list out some names that are impressive, but I have done various, different types of work with different people, so but I have played with Lenny Kravitz, I have done some work with him before, Tom Jones, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Colonel Bruce Hampton, it is a guy that actually I played with for a long time. He is actually not famous, but there is a small bunch of people that know who he is. I am proud to be a part of his programs. Those were some names, but I could list out some more, but I mean that is…

Alex:   Everybody knows Lenny Kravitz, was that guy in background or were you one of the lead vocal, or vocals, not the lead, but one of the vocals?

Gregory:   Well no, that is where, I did some work with him where I was, he would come out and, down in New Orleans. I think he has got a place down there, but essentially he would come out and play a jam night every Monday night. He would come out and play drums with… not every Monday night, but he did it so often, and then I was, what I did was, I did some work with him while he was out of town. I would fill in his spot in the rehearsal, in a rehearsal spot situation. So, I never played with him on stage, but did some work with him. That is where it could be misconstrued, I mean I am not one of those rocking looking guys with the big afro and the big high-heel shoes and the… I am just…

Joe:   Oh, come on now.

Gregory:   No I am not, I am just some guy that is just waiting or hanging out, so but yeah, I have done, that has been my career and kind of in a nutshell, I am proud of things that I have done, and excited to see what I am going to do in the future as well too so.

Joe:   Well you named some other names when we were talking in Barcelona, but I will not put you on the spot, because you are…

Gregory:   It is, I mean, it is, I mean, I guess I could list them. I mean it is, I don’t know, I don’t like talking about it. It just seems like you are just, I am a sideman, I don’t create the attention for myself. That’s why I am a sideman I guess.

Joe:   Right, and this isn’t the music investing mastery show.

Gregory:   Right, and I never played music, just played with famous people either. So that’s not why I did it, so I played music because I actually love the music so that is what it was more about to me than, hey I played with this person or that person.

Joe:   So, here we are in Barcelona, and I think it was the first night before the workshop, and Gregory is at a different table, and he comes over, and Gregory just seems like a real nice guy, and you meet him, and in a good way, very unassuming, and then you ask Gregory, “So what do you do?” And, he is like “Ah, you know,” and I am not going to try this Southern accent because I will butcher it.

And he says, “Well, I am not trying to brag here or anything, but I have done like $400 and something thousand dollars since January,” and I was like, “What?” And in the wholesaling field, maybe I am, so this is so fun, listening to, talking to guys who are actually doing a lot of deals and Gregory really keeps it simple, and that is why I wanted you on the podcast Gregory, because your philosophy and business is pretty ground, pretty ground breaking. It is so simple.

Gregory:   It is ground breaking. I am a full back in football I think, it is what probably my position is.

Joe:   Fullback, I like it. The fullback in football; that is a good way to put it. So, okay, now how many deals have you done since the first of the year, or how much have you made, if you don’t mind sharing?

Gregory:   Well, I have got, I tried to write down some numbers, but I have done I believe about $430,000 this year. I have done about 78 deals, give or take a handful, it might be 82, might be 72 or somewhere, but it is about 78.

Joe:   This is Spartanburg, North Carolina, or what county?

Gregory:   This is Greenville County, but is also, I mean I am also doing deals at Spartanburg County, which is just the city over Greenville-Spartanburg area, if that makes sense, so I deal in Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson counties. Just the three tri-counties in Upstate. It is the Upstate area.

Joe:   I did not know there was an upstate area in South Carolina.

Gregory:   That’s where they kind of referred to the three counties up here at Upstate, South Carolina so but I have done $430,000.

Joe:   That is phenomenal Gregory, it is phenomenal, and how did you get started in real estate?

Gregory:   Well, I mean I guess, it just, my dad kind of had done a little bit of real estate, just, he used to be like a real estate agent at one point in his life, and he owns rental properties and he gets real excited like, he gets excited about just all kind of stuffs. So he has always been excited about real estate, but he was never really fully involved on a day-to-day stuff. So, I guess that kind of started from there, but then I just started, I was a broke musician, I was, and all these cool rules like you guys always advertise and learning how to make money, but not having any money, learn how to make a million dollars with zero dollars.

So I started researching that, and learned about wholesaling and about all your courses Joe, that there is lot of valuable stuff in there, and I have also bought other people’s programs as well too. I was, it just, just slowly started chipping away, and just, just learning what it was and, and just I guess kind of that’s how, I cannot tell you. There wasn’t like one day I said, “I am doing this,” but I just slowly evolved into it, if that answers your question.

Joe:   Yeah, yeah, and you started getting some courses, running wholesaling, when did you actually start trying the wholesaling business? Doing the marketing, taking the calls and stuff?

Gregory:   When I really, when I started making money?

Joe:   Yeah.

Gregory:   Or just taking calls in general?

Joe:   Well, both.

Gregory:   I bought your course and I was looking at all your, your videos and stuff like that, and, and researching out all the stuff that you had inside your programs, and I just, I finally, I sat around for six months, just every day just studying, studying, studying, I wasn’t, I was just getting frustrated and I was kind of making a couple of phone calls and doing this and that, and putting some signs and stuff like that, and then one day I just, I got really frustrated because I was broke.

I mean I was, I moved away from New Orleans, I wasn’t playing music anymore, my parents were sick, which is whole another story, and I was taking care of them, so I was broke, and I just woke up one day and I just said, “F*** it, and I am going to go and make some damn money today. That is what I am going to do.” I was scared. I was scared of all these things that, putting out bandit signs.

I didn’t want to put out too many because the cops might call me and so finally I just said, “Let’s screw them, I am broke, I am hungry, I got to go and make some money happen right now,” and I just kind of woke up and said, “F*** it, take me to jail, I have got a thousand bandit signs. They are going to call me, they are going to knock on my door, and I am going to jail, big deal. So what?”

Alex:   How were the bandit signs?

Gregory:   And, well I didn’t put the thousand bandit signs, I still want to do that, but I didn’t put out a thousand, but I couldn’t afford a thousand, but that was my mentality, I was putting out a thousand. I am going to do it until the cops show up, and I am going to get that phone ringing off the hook, because I was just kind of picking around and getting a little bit of phone calls and…

Joe:   Yeah, well, he did.

Gregory:   Yeah, it was just motivation too, it was a deep dark passion, just, it was like all of a sudden there was an explosion, and I went, this is it. It is do or die for me really. I mean, not that I was going to die, but I mean, it just felt like that at that time, so that is what just made me turn my head and say f*** it, I am going. I am doing this, I am going to create some problems and just different problems than I have got right now, and so that is kind of the approach that I had taken and after about six months, just sitting around being worried.

I guess, from when I bought the course, your courses and was studying, I was spending six months just convincing myself of, just telling myself. Ah, what about this, what about that, and I wasn’t, and I didn’t make any money, and then as soon as I made a decision, it didn’t take me like a week I had my first check come in. It really took me six months, but it took me a week when I just got so frustrated, and then I said, “That is it, I am making money.” My first check was $500, which I think that was the smallest check I have ever done.

But I was so excited about that, it didn’t matter to me about the money, because I already didn’t have that money, so I was very used to not having money. I like here about was the result, and I knew if I can keep having the results come in, and then the money would eventually start coming in, and I still focus on that today too. It is not, I don’t care about the money, just let me have more results happen, and then money just seems to start coming in, and that’s what I tried to focus on more so.

Joe:   That is forward moving progress, isn’t it? Just moving forward, taking action?

Gregory:   Yeah, just doing something, just getting busy and all these things you guys talk about, it is all true, and there is no, there aren’t sugar coating or anything, it is all true. I have people say, “Money likes speed.” When you get out there, you start making a bunch of phone calls as fast as you can. You get a phone call, you go out there, you are putting on the contract, you find a buyer, and then also the check shows up before you, and you don’t even know what happened. But, I got to check now. I can’t even… just blows by, when it is going real fast like that, there is, seems to have a lot of results, good results for sure.

Alex:   It is the speed of implementation.

Joe:   Yeah, you are absolutely right.

Alex:   Speed of implementation is so important. You listen to all this…

Gregory:   Yeah, I think so too.

Alex:   And all this theory and philosophy or whatever, but that’s it.

Joe:   Sure it is, sure it is, and we apologize for the delay here in the audio. Skype has been giving me a lot of issues lately, and I am wondering if it is the internet where I am at, but…

Alex:   We need to boycott them.

Joe:   Boycott Skype? Yeah.

Gregory:   Yeah, that would be good.

Joe:   Well, the thing that is cool about this Gregory is, we were talking about your, how much mail are you doing like, you are doing a lot of deals, so you are doing a lot of mail, and talk about your philosophy with direct mail, would you?

Gregory:   Well, I guess my philosophy is, I do, I think I do a lot of direct mail for one-person show, because I am just a one person show. I have had help here and there, so my opinion, and there is nobody else that I know since I was much mailing as me, and if they are sending more mail than me, then that is just going to inspire me to do double the amount that they are doing, but what I do is, when I told you that I just woke up one day and I got so pissed and frustrated, and I said, “I am just going to go all out, going all out, all in.”

My first big step in realization like holy cow, this is how to do it for me was, I had a couple of checks come in, $3,000 to $4,000 and I was always asking for check, by check, make a little bit of money and go on and pocket some of the money, and spend some money on marketing, and finally I got a check like $8,000 and I said,
“I am sick of this check by check, just one check a month and then something falls apart and the deal falls away.” It is just didn’t make me feel good, so I got a check for $8 grand and I saw in YouTube videos somewhere, just somebody said, “I got frustrated and I spin out $12,000 worth of marketing on direct mail,“ and I made, and he said he made like $25,000.

And I said, “That’s what I need to spend my game,” so I just dropped $8 grand on a bunch of postcards, sent them out, and I got a bunch of freaking phone calls, and I made a bunch of offers, and I made a bunch of money, and so I think that the first money that I made like $28,000, and so that made me realize I, I might do it again. So I just slowly tried to step my game ever since then, right now I sent down about, probably about $10 to $15,000 worth of direct mail, and I normally do it all at one time.

Alex:   This is a crazy thing.

Gregory:   I don’t just do it spread out. That’s about, yeah, now I will be honest that since Barcelona, what was that, about a month ago?

Joe:   Yeah.

Gregory:   I just send it all. I haven’t done any marketing in the past 2 months, because I think that there is so snow balled over, I mean just closed a deal earlier today and I did 2 the other day. Well, I did like 4 or 5 deals this week and it is feeling good not spending money marketing. So I am kind of cooling off a little bit, but for the past year, I have consistently done at least, I mean, may be the least I might have done one month was $8,000, but I get nervous if I don’t spend enough on marketing because I am not going to get the results that I want.

But I do $10 to $15 grand a month, probably on an average every month, and I get a bunch of phone calls. People ask me how many phone calls, I don’t know, but it is a lot. It may be 300, may be 500 phone calls, and it gets out of control, but when I, when it gets out of control, I make out of control money, and the more out of control it is, the more money that I make, and people say how do I handle those phone calls, I just handle the best that I can.

Joe:   That is so fascinating to me.

Alex:   Pretty cool.

Joe:   I love that philosophy and you were so funny when you were talking about this Gregory before, and you were just saying, and I can’t cuss. So, you were saying like, “Well, Joe, you said to send postcards so, F it, I am going to send postcards,” right? “I am going to send $15 grand of postcards, F it. I don’t have anybody to take the calls, F it. I will just do it myself,” right? And that…

Gregory:   Right, and that’s basically what it is. All that stuff, I am, no excuses and just go and just freaking do it because people say you can’t answer all those phone calls, you are damn right I can’t answer phone call, but so what, who cares, if they are motivated, they are going to stick around. My philosophy is if I am going to go fishing, which I can relate this to fishing. A lot of people that I see they try to go fishing in pond that has 2 or 3 fish, and you might get a fish and hook, it might fall off, they might let it in. I want to go fishing in a pond where there is 20 fish.

Am I going to get all 20 fish? Nope, but I might get 12 of them, and so I am fine with the fact of losing deals. If I am not losing deals, then I am not making deals happen. It is a way that, you just said something Joe out there in Barcelona, I heard you say that before. It is a different mindset when I got too much going on. When I talking to the seller, and I have got 500 phone calls, and they are going in the direction of 1 or 2, I just, I don’t get mad at anybody, I am very pleasant on phone, but I, in the back of my head, I am firing that person. I am done, moving on like, bye, you are wasting my time. I have got somebody else to talk to, so…

Joe:   That’s the mentality you have when you have all those leads. Sellers can sniff when you are motivated.

Alex:   They know all that, but if you have all these leads and all these marketing, you just know it is just next, up on the next one, no matter to me.

Joe:   Yeah.

Gregory:   Yeah, you are exactly right. That has been my experience too and if I have a little bit of marketing going on, and I am firing one that is hot and they go oh man, I got to make sure this happens, well then it normally doesn’t work out. It just normally doesn’t work out, and when I got 10 deals happening at a time, and it doesn’t work out, there is no big deal.

Joe:  Yeah.

Gregory:   Yeah, I don’t like to lose money, but I know this is for a fact, the best of the business, you are going to lose deals, and you have to factor that, and it is just part of the gig, so you have to count the fact, it is all good, it is all good all fell apart, but that mindset of having 10 deals, and if it falls apart, who cares. I just, I got a bunch of other stuff that I am working on.

Joe:   That is really good. So Gregory, I really like what you are talking about here. One of the things you said to me when we were in Barcelona is that sometimes you just work best when your back is against the wall. What do you mean by that? Can you talk about that a little bit more?

Gregory:   Well, I guess, I didn’t have any choice, but just, having my back up against the wall is, there is nothing to do, but go forward, and so, no I think that actually what I was saying is I don’t like to have my back up against the wall. So that is why I do so much marketing is to just be able to not have my back up against the wall, going out, and where do I find the deal, I am screwed. I don’t have any money. I got to pay my bills and stuff so I think that’s may be what I was getting. I say all kind of stuff, I can’t remember anything.

Joe:   Well, I think the point the way I took it to mean was just what you were saying before when you have got a ton of leads coming in, and this is so powerful. I hope everybody is listening to this caught it. When you were like practically overwhelmed of leads, that is not a bad thing. There are things you can do to fix that and get better at that, but what if the seller is not ready to do a deal today? That’s fine.

Just move on to the next one, follow up with them later, send them something in the mail, but you have way more important things to do, and when you have got a couple hundred leads to call, because you spend $15 grand a month in marketing, and you get 10 deals under contract, one of them falls through, you are not losing any sleep over that. I just think that’s so important. You set yourself up to succeed because of the amount of marketing that you are doing.

Gregory:   Well, I realize too, and I spoke at a local real meeting the other day a couple of weeks ago too, and a gentleman stood and said, “Well, you are almost guaranteeing yourself success and I never thought like that but you are right.” I think that’s what it is. “I am guaranteeing myself success no matter what. I guarantee you I am going to find a deal this month, and I am probably going to find more than one.”

But that’s a way better position to be in a month it kind of supposed to just getting out there, kind of searching with a little flash light, just pecking around and maybe I got one, I don’t know. I am talking to… I don’t want to talk to anybody. I don’t want to snooze. I want to wake up every day and I want to find a deal, and I want to figure out who is ready to go today, and everybody else is just going to have to wait.

That is, that is what I try to do, and so I just try to flood it, and flood it so I can get closer to talk to those people that are ready to go today, and if you are not ready to go today, just give me a call back and let me know when you are ready to go, and some things that I noticed is, yeah, it is out of control. I don’t handle everything professionally. It is not… not everybody that calls in gets professional attention, but I am okay with that.

You know, it is just me so, I just try to do the best I can when all those phone calls come in, and I wear it up and sit there on the phone. I just talk to them, and talk to them, and talk to them, and I give everybody was that called diamond, there is a timer there; it gives 3 minutes to people. I give them 3 to 5 minutes, but if they are telling me what I don’t want to hear, I am getting off the phone as quickly as possible, because I don’t care about their situation other than can they sell their house at a price, at discounted price.

If I have got somebody that I recognize as motivated, I will spend $8 with them if I need to, and I think, because I have to offer, I don’t offer kit, I am not actually bringing cash to the table, so I have to I realized I have to get them cheaper than most everybody else that is out there. So I have to offer more than just a low offer. So, I will spend a lot of time with that person, and I get them to like me. You know, we become friendly. We don’t become friends, but I think everybody that does business with me probably likes me, pretty sure.

Joe:   Yeah.

Gregory:   But that’s kind of what I do, yeah, but I got to do a lot of marketing. I want that phone ringing off the hook, and I want to talk to people that are ready to go today. There is nothing worse than sitting there making a bunch of phone calls, and kind of just spend 10-15-20-30 minutes for people, and then you get down at the end of the day and you go, man, I don’t think anything happened today.

That’s like, if nothing is going to happen today, then I might as well go down the park and throw the Frisbee or go to the beach or something else, anything else. I still hope when I wake up, and I answer these phones, one thing and that is to make money, and everything else is stupid to me. So I don’t mean that egotistically, but I am not, this is not a social club for me. It is not a fraternity or anything like that. I am waking up and I am making money, and then I got to do what I got to do after that. So, if I cannot see the opportunity to make money, I just move on, but I am very nice about it, pleasant about it.

Joe:   That’s really good. Alex, you had something that you wanted to say there, Alex?

Alex:   Yeah, he is talking a lot of key things here. I mean number 1 is the inner game is what they call. You know, your inner mindset, making sure that you understand that everything that you are about to do, you have the right mindset for it, so you got to get your mind in the right place. You got to get out of the fear and the doubt and the uncertainty and is this going to work, I don’t know if it is going to work, may be it will work. Yes, this is going to work. Yes, I am going to do deals. Yes, I am going to make money, and I am going to have fun while doing it. If you don’t have that mindset, you are in a bad spot to begin with.

Joe:   Very well said.

Alex:   Yeah, the fact that you got all these calls coming in, and especially if you are in that situation, I mean, I don’t remember when I first started doing mass marketing, and I was calling everybody, everybody that had called, and you could get on the phone with a nice old man, or a nice old lady, and they would keep you on the phone for half an hour if you don’t know how to get on and get off quickly. It is like, I would really like to talk to you and may be come over for some coffee or something.

But I have got to get to these other people before anything, before anything else to make this worth it for myself. I mean, you have got to, you have got to get on, get off, and that takes some skill too without hanging up in somebody’s face, you got to be like, well, I actually have this call coming up in the next minute or so, but it has really been great talking to you, and just let me know if you have got somebody else who is interested in selling and then move on from there.

Joe:   Well said.

Gregory:   Yeah, you have to take control of the situation and you have to, I do to it to where you got to go my way or it doesn’t work, and I am not aggressive about it. See, I am being very blunt right now, very polite and pleasant with these people, but if they can’t go my way, then I will just wait until you are ready to go my way, and so that’s part of it too, and so, and I think what you, everything you just said is really important, but I think also what you said in the beginning there just, I think people are also afraid to lose out, or they, I may, what if I miss a deal, but what if I spend too much money. Maybe I think people are falling to…

Alex:   All the wrong mindset.

Gregory:   All the wrong mindset.

Alex:   It’s like trying to drive a car with flat tires.

Joe:   Yeah.

Gregory:   Yeah. For me, when I first started out, like I said, I didn’t care about the money. I shifted my mind. If I made a check for $2,000, I didn’t look like that is my money. I looked at it as like this, I didn’t have that money. So I just had the result that happened. So I would pump that money back into the business. I didn’t care about money, because I didn’t have any money anyway. When I started off, I was already broke, so who cares.

I had made some money, big deal, I am broke anyway. So I didn’t care about losing money because a lot of people take $3,000 and say what to do $500 of marketing. I am holding on to this $2,500. I didn’t care. I just threw it all back in the game so I could get in the game and thought about for myself, because Joe asked me a good question in Barcelona. I think he asked me why would I do that much marketing, and I said, “That is a good question.”

I don’t really know, but I think why I do that much marketing is because I start, I did a lot of thinking about it, because I couldn’t really answer that question, and I said to my old self, “I didn’t want to be that anymore.” And then my new self, I got a vision for my new self, and my own money that I spend on the marketing is just creating distance between my old self and my new self, and that’s the simple of that I think, and I am just running away from my old self as fast as I can. I am doing it like a fullback in football I guess. I am bursting through everybody. So that’s to answer your question you asked me in Barcelona…

Joe:   I like that a lot, but let us talk about buyers. You have a lot of buyers, but anytime you go to a seller’s house and you are meeting with them, you have a couple of buyers in the back of your mind. Talk about the buyers that you have and you mentioned something as well about if you don’t settle a deal in a day or two, what do you do with it then.

Gregory:   Yeah, buyers, right, you make a really good point. That I have heard to say is get to know your buyers. I would like to spend time with my buyers. The buyers, let us talk about four people. There is a lot of other people that want me to sell to them, but there is four that I enjoy selling to, and I have got a good relationship with, so I have got a relationship with, they keep showing me product that they buy and tell me the information that they want.

When I get a phone call in the house and see the house, I go look at it, and I go I didn’t know this is for selling so. I don’t even put it on the contract, I know that he wants. It is sold before I even have it under contract, and that I think just comes with time and experience in building relationships with the buyers, but that’s once I started getting a hang of that, and that’s when it really started to getting really good, because I sell everything like really within a phone call or two, and I know the market’s playing with my favor because the market is really good right now.

So, I am selling stuff at world record speed this year. I mean a month ago or two months ago, I had nine houses put on the contract on Monday and then Tuesday, I sold every single house to the first person I called to nine different buyers, and then on Tuesday, I sold, I think everybody gets a day every year, and that was my day, and that was a good day for me, but I don’t see that, it is great, but I have put in the time and effort to know the buyers.

And so as soon as I put them on the contract, bam! The next day I had it sold. You know, I had to put them all in the contract one day and then next day I just sold everything, but nobody negotiated with me, nobody. Everybody said, “Yes, I will do that,” and it was done. That was the value of knowing what my buyers want, like that’s where I got, how I got paid that day and be able to handle the pain all day.

Joe:   I love that, and we were talking at the workshop and it was really cool to see the, the other people that were there, see their eyes light up when you, they were hearing your stories and your success and you were getting some questions about, what about if this happens, or what about if that happens, and again your philosophy of just screw it, it does, I will figure it out as we go along, and talk about that some more.

Gregory:   Yeah, I just, it comes back to that. I woke up and said, “F*** it,” and people ask me out there in Barcelona said, “But what if he gets to the closing table and they see how much you are making?” I go, “Who cares? There is nothing you can do about that. You have no control over that, and that has nothing to do with you making money.” Now I will go ahead and tell you, I haven’t had, there have been a couple of issues, but I was not how much money I was making, it was issues may be about the taxes or the closing cost or something. See you run into those kinds of issues, but it is never the money that I make, 80 transactions this year, and I made a bunch of money, and that has never been the issue.

But yeah those issues that people think of that, but what if they find how much you are making, who cares. You cannot control anything about that. You are here to try to make money, then show up and just don’t think about that. That has nothing to do with making money. That has everything to do like, it is probably not going to work, and it is just a waste of time, because that’s not focusing on making the money. So that or any other excuse, any other, anything, anybody wants to raise their hand and I don’t want to say they are stupid questions, because they are not, and say but what about this, but what about that, but what about… who cares?

Maybe you are right, may be you are wrong, but you got to get in the game and just go, and just do it, and that’s all is to, and yeah you are going to screw it up, I still screw it up. I am going to go ahead and tell you, I feel like I don’t even know anything about real estate, and I don’t mean that egotistically. I know I have done a bunch of deals, I don’t know anything about real estate, but I am over here doing deals, and I screw them up, I screwed up last week. I know it was like a $4,000 deal, don’t get me wrong. I know how much a $4,000; it is a lot of money. I don’t like to just screw that up, but I did, and I can’t do anything about that. It is gone, may be it will come back up, but I just move on, forget about it.

Joe:   So good.

Gregory:   It is all just noise that has nothing to do with you making money, and that is the only thing that, that’s really the main reason why I am here is to provide money for my passions, my life, and my dreams for the rest of my life. So that’s just noise, it is just stupid. If you focus on that, it is just a waste of time and energy, because there are… most of those things that most of the people think about it, just out of your control. If they pop up, big deal, so what, and when people try to back me in a corner, but yeah, hey, when I have a buyer or seller, they try to back me in the corner like they busted me. I found that you are not a buyer in the house, so just go, okay, yeah, whatever, so what, who cares. I don’t care. So what then, but then also comes with me what I am doing, I am doing a bunch of marketing, you don’t like it, you can move on.

Joe:   I love that; see when you are doing that much marketing, you are right. It doesn’t matter, because this deal doesn’t work if it falls through, then you got more coming in the line, so I hope people are encouraged by this and one of the things that our friend Tom Krol told me the other day, because we were talking about a particular client that was complaining about business, and it wasn’t working for them and they are asking all these ‘what if’ questions. And I really like this phrase Tom had of anticipatory thinking.

Write that one down, right. Beware of anticipatory thinking. Worried about like what if this happens and then if that happens, that is not a chess game, right. We are not playing chess. We are just out there taking massive action which is why I really wanted Gregory on this podcast because this is the guy who just takes massive action and it is almost like without being reckless and careless. It is almost like, sometimes you just got to jump off the building and figure out how to fly as you fall.

Gregory:   That’s right; I am still trying to figure out how to fly. I am still trying to figure out how to fly. I still feel like I don’t, haven’t figured it out, but I am doing deals, I am getting better, I am getting better as I go along. That is the truth.

Joe:   Very good. Gregory, we will just wrap this up. I think it is going to be really encouraging call for a lot of people and we could talk for a long time, but what advice would you give to beginners, and I know you have already been giving a bunch of advice, but could you just sum it up. What would you give to somebody who you know may be doesn’t have time and money to spend on marketing, they can’t spend $10 to 15 grand a month yet, but they are hungry like you are? What can they do?

Gregory:   Yeah. I think that is going to be the key, is getting hungry, but you got to show up and you got to get busy, and all I know is that we just talked about excuses, but what about this, I am not ready, I am nervous. Who cares? Just start talking to people, start getting busy. Talk to people that want full price for their house. Go out there and set appointments and they are not motivated. That’s one thing I have tried to tell people is, go on a ghost appointment, because if you go out on an appointment where it is not a deal, they want a $100,000 for a house, well take $95.

Well, go out there, run through the whole script. Get them to sign the contract, but when you get home call them up and cancel it, and go through the show. So when you do have a deal, because I notice what, once I had my first deal where I thought I was making $30,000, I was shaking, my pen was shaking and the wall fell apart. So you don’t, you want to have, then you show together, you program together, you perform this together, before you find that $30,000 deal, it feels like it is going to change your life. That was important to me, so I did a lot of that, just practice once.

Every day, I go on an appointment, so I got good at it, better at it, and that but the main thing is you want to do that because that is important. You want to know how to fill out that contract. That’s really an important thing. To me that is an important thing. Now, the other thing is you have to get that performance down, but you got to get the phone ringing off the chain, and so when I started off, just put out some bandit signs. People say but what about the code enforcement, I have been fined twice in the past two years, and it was like $400, may be a total of $400, but the amount of money I have made from using the signs, people come in. They fined me every week.

Still I didn’t drop the signs off there. You are going to take me to jail, all right; I will spend a little jail time. I don’t care. It is cool. I got to make some money, and I got to have it coming in, but you got to go out there and get as many signs as you can scrape of every single dollar and penny that you can, and put together the signs and go out there, put them out there on yourself, and put them in good spots, and then do it again. Do that as much as possible until you can have that breakthrough and get those $7,000 to $8,000 checks coming on a regular basis, and then it just slowly just starts coming together. You just got to go and get really busy, really fast, and then just start making some money.

Alex:   Awesome, awesome.

Joe:   You know what, you are tempting, you are tempting me to turn on my marketing system in your area and working with you because I love the fire behind you and I feel like if I, since you lead, you take good care of them.

Gregory:   Well, they got to be motivated at least, but yeah, I think they are motivated at least. Yeah, come on, bring it on, anybody wants to do some marketing here, I will turn it on, and I will do everything 50:50, so there is no grey here.

Joe:   Yes, sir.

Gregory:   Yeah, I would love to do it. Yeah, absolutely. I have got waiting for the phone to ring right now, so.

Joe:   I love it. You see why I told you Alex I wanted Gregory on this podcast.

Alex:   Oh, absolutely man. This is awesome.

Joe:   I just loved the fire, the determination that you know what, F it, I am going to figure it out, I am going to make it work. I am going to do a lot of marketing, get the phone to ring, and at the same time, did you notice Gregory is talking about practicing right, and you do have to work on your skill and you got to practice talking to sellers and get familiar with the contracts. It is, you don’t want to be a, well, you just got to take massive action. You can, failing forward is really, really important because people are afraid of failure, but guess what, get over. Everybody is going to fail, at least once or twice, or many times, and don’t be so afraid to make mistakes that it petrifies you and you are stuck not doing anything. There is a whole bunch of course that I can probably thinking of.

Gregory:   I think of just when you are getting started, don’t focus on the money, because the money will come. Focus on educating yourself and getting the knowledge, and what better way to educate yourself than to get 4,000 phone calls in a month. You got to be good at that one. He talked to four people in a month. You are probably not going to be that good, but you talked to 4,000? You are probably going to be a pro after a month, and you are probably going to make a bunch of money this month.

Joe:   I love it. I like it.

Gregory:   So, but yeah, if you do that, then that’s, so if you just focus on educating yourself in the beginning then getting the results, I think there is ultimately investing into it.

Joe:   Excellent advice. Well, Gregory, I don’t know, do you have a website where people can go to and listen to some of your music or is there a place people can go to get in touch with you?

Gregory:   That’s a good question. I don’t really, like I said, “I have always been a sideman. I have never like promoted myself and say, ‘Hey, I am Gregory Rogers, come buy a ticket to see me, I am always playing with so and so or so and so,’” so I don’t. I never had like self, promoted myself. There is stuff on YouTube, you could find if you put in my name. There is a band that I played with called Final Church. That was my band. You could check that kind of stuff. You could go to my website, my real estate website. It is GregoryBuysHousesUpstate.com, with help from my SEO get up there. You just want to see what a real estate website looks like.

Joe:   GregoryBuysHousesUpstate?

Gregory:   GregoryBuysHousesUpstate.com

Joe:   Okay, cool, all right, well there has been a great interview Gregory. I should appreciate your time and I hopefully will have the jingle that we can play at the end of this podcast, that you play, that you recall.

Gregory:   Yeah, I will do it. I will do something here.

Joe:   So cool. All right man. Thanks a lot Gregory. Let’s keep in touch. In fact, let’s… I will get, I will send you an email afterwards. Let’s talk again real soon here. I got some stuff for you. Thanks again man.

Gregory:   Well, thank you for your time, yeah, thank you all for your time and for having me all here and it is really, you don’t have to owe a lot of credit. You, Joe, have lot of the product you were putting out there, I have bought lot of the things you have been talking about implementing in my business, I will take massive action, but you all the stuff you talked about and I will implement that. That just helps everything go a little bit smoother, which makes a big difference in my business, you know what I mean. Thank you for having me on here and you are helping me with my business.

Joe:   Well, it has been a pleasure. Thank you so much. Alex, I apologize for the audio. I kept on interrupting you when you were trying to talk and say things, but…

Alex:   Well, no problem. I mean we will get it fixed.

Joe:   All right guys, go to RealEstateInvestingMastery.com, RealEstateInvestingMastery.com to get the show notes. To get the transcription of this episode, I think this is an episode that a lot of you guys need to listen to a couple of times. You know, may be when you are getting a little discouraged, pull up this podcast episode, listen through it again, and get fired up, get fired up. It is good stuff. Gregory Hodge is the fullback of real estate. Did you ever play football Gregory?

Gregory:   No man, I weighed like 80 pounds as a senior in high school. I just got season tickets to the Carolina Panthers, that’s all I got.

Joe:   All right, all right. All right, good, good.

Alex:   Nice.

Joe:   All right guys, we will end this podcast here. Take care all, you all, see you later.

Gregory:   Thank you.

Alex:   Yeah, see you later man.

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  1. REMARKABLE interview! I'm trying to get my real estate stuff setup and I've been prolonging it but now I'm just going to say FUCK IT and take action!!! lol

  2. The Great Joe McCall!!! I love all of your podcasts! I’m a RE Investor from Sacramento CA & I’ve been learning from you for a few years now. I purchased your WLO Academy a while ago and I’m just so grateful and blessed that I came acrossed you online. I’m doing LO deals, Wholesaling deals & WLO deals all in Sacramento California and slowly growing my business! You’ve taught me so much through your courses & podcasts that I just want to share my gratitude for all that you give to the REI world! Thanks a bunch Joe & may God Bless you and your family with much Love, Health, Wealth & Peace!


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