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I've been getting a lot of testimonials lately from folks who are doing deals. Things are actually working for them and the community that I'm trying to build inside what I'm calling my inner circle. It's just so cool to see people in there who are helping each other and partnering with each other on deals. I haven't really focused on building a community until last year, and I wanted something where people could post questions and get answers from others besides me.

Whether you have too many leads or not enough, this group is the place to be. The cool thing is that people in the community are jumping in with some fantastic ideas and advice. It’s super exciting, and I'm really giddy over it because it's actually working. People are getting real results. If you want to check it out for yourself, head to my Facebook group called Joe’s Inner Circle. I’ll meet you there.

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Joe:   Hey. Good morning. Joe, REI in your car. Just wanted to podcast here from my car just to say how grateful I am for all you guys who listen, who are on my email list to subscribe to my email list here, or who buy my courses and software and marketing services and courses. And did I say that already coaching programs and all that stuff? Like, man, I've been in this business a long time. I just appreciate you guys, and I've been getting a lot of testimonials lately from folks that are doing deals, you know, and it's actually working for them and the community that I'm trying to build inside what I'm calling my inner circle. It's just so cool to see people in there that are helping each other, that are partnering with each other on deals. Yeah, I love it. I'm excited about it. You know, I haven't really focused on building a community until the last year, and I want something where people can go to a group and, like, post questions and get answers from other people besides me because I can't answer all the right. If I wanted a group where people could partner with people on deals, and it's been amazing because it's actually happening, it's actually working and it humbles me. Right? It's just yeah, I don't and this is why it's humbling in a good way. Like I'm not the center of the group. I got my faces on the banners. Or maybe, I guess you could say kind of technically you are, Joe, but like, I'm not the one who has to be there answering every question. And sometimes people bring me deals and I'm just, you know, I'm too busy and I can't return back to them fast enough. Or maybe it's just a marginal deal and I say no because I don't have the time to figure out a creative way or something like that. But there's other people now in the community that are saying, yeah, I'll help you, let's do this and let's do that. And they come up with things and ideas that I never would have thought of, which are awesome. Just this morning or yesterday, somebody posted something about having to do this. Too busy. They've got too many leads, which is a good problem to have, except when you're too busy and you can't like, keep up with the leads and you're falling behind and you need someone to follow up with the leads. And so they posted that they needed some help. Hey, I need some help, but somebody want to help me with these leads. And like 12 people jumped in and said, yeah, yeah I would. Which is cool, right? Other guys, you know, they they've they had a they have a deal. They've been trying to find a private money lender for and been having a hard time. And they're about ready to fall out of contract because they're closing date is coming up. And the buyer that they thought they had fell through. So it might not be a good deal to lend on. Right? I mean, if you haven't found you haven't been able to find private money yet and your buyer's back, you know, it might not be a good deal.

Joe:   But the cool thing is, people in the community are like jumping on and saying in a good way, not jumping on him, but like, yeah, listen, maybe you could do this. Maybe you should try this. I might be able to lend you the money on the deal. Call me, let me know, send me some details. So it's super exciting and I'm really giddy over it because it's actually working. It's not a huge community, you know, it's not like we're 100,000 people like Pace Morby and his awesome Subto community. I think there is 1500 in the Facebook group or something like that, but it's just cool. And I wanted to I also wanted to record a podcast to tell you guys, if you're in my community, thanks for being there and if you are, but you're not like, very active, come on, jump in. And it's a Facebook group called Joe's Inner Circle. You do have to be a student or it's not free. It's not a free group. But if you're listening to this and you are a client, then, yeah, jump in and say hi and give some feedback because sometimes the quietest people are the ones who are doing deals and they're just busy being busy doing deals that I can get. It's like you get you get some important things to do, but stop and say hello. The other thing I wanted to tell you guys is if you are, not in my community, get in one that's not mine. Get in somebodies because we need each other. You know, it's. There's a saying it's lonely at the top. And it is. I'm not saying we're all at different places. Right? Like some of you are at the top. And it's lonely up there, right? Some of you are just getting started climbing that mountain, right? You're just getting started in entrepreneurship and real estate investing and you don't know. And you got a bunch of friends that are kind of where you're at. But as you start climbing up the mountain of success, entrepreneurship, small business ownership, doing real estate deals, you start getting the weird tilted head look. When you start talking to your family and friends about what you do, right? You maybe get the stink eye.

Joe:   Maybe you're like, oh, that doesn't make sense. Sorry. They're all here. Here he goes again, following some another get rich quick scheme. You need to be surrounding yourself with people that understand what we're doing. You know, they understand your passions, your dreams, and they're like, yeah, you know what? You can do this. Don't listen to those dingle lings that tell you can't do those kinds of deals. You can't make money wholesaling houses. I had one attorney tell me one time I was telling I was asked him for his help on a certain deal, and I was giving him the numbers. And I said, yeah, I'll make about 25 or $35,000 on this deal. And, and it was for wholesaling. This is going to buy it. Then flip it and make $25,000 quick profit. He said, no, you can't do that. That's illegal. I said, why? He says, well, you can't make that much money on a deal. Something is wrong. Must be a scam. It's probably illegal. I was like, wow. And I was just getting started, but I was smart enough, thank God, to know what an idiot he was like. He had no basis for that. No, no, that's chapter and verse in the in the law book or the Missouri statutes of why that would be illegal. He just felt like, well, because I've never heard of it before, and I'm a real estate attorney and I've heard of everything, and if I haven't heard of it before, it can't be real. And if you're making that much money, something must be wrong. Must be fishy. Well, whatever. Okay, so my point is, don't surround yourself with people like that. Start surrounding yourself with people that can believe in you. There's two kinds of people in the world, right? There's producers and there's consumers. Producers and consumers. So number one, ask yourself, who are you? And number two, who are you surrounding yourself with? Are you surrounding with people that can say, yeah, you know what, that's great. You want to do this, go for that's awesome. Here, let me help you. Maybe this this is something I learned. This is something I did, that I was there in that spot just where you were a year ago. And then you should try or you should look at it differently like this. So you're going to hit road bumps and discouragements, and you're going to be like, oh, man, this is harder than I thought it would be. Or yeah, this is, this is challenging or this deal didn't go like I expected it to go. I thought I would do a deal by now. I thought, you know, if I made two offers on what he accepted, or I thought if I mailed five postcards, I would do a deal. Well, you know what you need to you need to surround yourself with a community of folks that will tell you everything you know, you need to make more offer, or you need to be more consistent. Well, you've only been doing this for two months or three months if not done a deal yet. Well, how many offers have you made? Oh, you've only made ten offers. Oh, well, you know what, Jim? Come on, buddy, you got to do better than that. You know what I'm saying? Like, you want to surround yourself with friends that are kind of pat on the back a little bit, then kick you in the butt. That's what a community of producers will do for you.

Joe:   All right. Yeah, I think y'all pick up what I'm laying down. You smelling what I'm stepping in. I'm in the car right now driving to drop it off at the dealership to get some kind of recall, to get some seatbelt or, airbag thing fixed. It's a beautiful morning. I just like talking to you guys. Appreciate y'all. Yeah. All right, so here's my here's my call to action. I try to do every podcast with some kind of call to action. I do a workshop every Saturday. It's called the Land Fast Art Masterclass. And it's seven bucks. And in there I show how to start a a vacant land business from scratch, and I show you exactly what I do. I go under brand new market, I set up all my systems and I start marketing, start making offers so you can actually take what I do and just implement it the same day and start making offers, you know, can you do land deals in one day? Probably not. But you can certainly get started and start doing the right things. And if you do what I teach you in this workshop every day, you're eventually going to do deals. So come on, let's go. Go to our Joe mccall.com/Saturday Joe mccall.com/Saturday I do this workshop every Saturday and I look forward to seeing you there. All right. God bless.

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