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This walkthrough is all about how I like to talk to realtors. Some of you guys are really interested in doing marketing to bring in leads, but you might not have a ton of money to spend. A really great, free way to get a lot of leads is by calling realtors. I have a tried-and-true script that I’ll share with you. You’ll get to hear me go through it in real time with a realtor live on the line.

When I cold call realtors, I start off by telling them I’m looking for a deal and then ask for information about the property. You’ll get a good idea of how things flow by listening to this real-world example. If you want access to this script to use in your own business, I’m giving it away for free. Head to SimpleLandKit.com to get your copy.

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What’s inside:

  • The exact script I use when I talk to realtors
  • A real life cold call conversation with a realtor
  • How you can get your very own copy of the script

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Joe:  What's up, my friends? Joe McCall here. On today's video, I'm going to be walking through, how? I like to talk to realtors. Some of you guys, you want to do marketing, you know, the importance of getting leads, but you don't have a bunch of money to spend on marketing. Well, you know what? I get it. It's not a big deal. I'm going to show you a free way. A really, really good free way to get a lot of leads without costing you anything. It's a free way to do marketing, to get leads, and it's by calling realtors. I'm going to talk about now talking to realtors, and I have a script and I'm going to update this script. So I kind of have the script. And if you want this script, you can get it. It's simple land kit.com, it's free. Simple land kit.com is a script right now for mainly dealing with. I already have a property under contract and I'm looking for a realtor to bring me a buyer, so I'm going to update this a little bit. I have some of this in my mind map in my main course, but I'm going to just do a new one here. I'm going to update the title script for talking to realtors when looking for deals. So this do you get what we're doing here? We're going to be talking cold calling realtors. I'm gonna do this in a minute, and I'm going to be talking to them and saying, hey, I'm looking for a deal. Can you tell me a little bit about this property? So I'm just going to type this out, take some notes as we go through it.

Joe:  Okay. So this script that I have, let's go ahead and use it. Let's call some realtors I'm going to show you how to do that. One of the counties that we're working on right now Marion County Florida I like going to homes.com. I'll show you where Marion County is right up there. I like homes.com for simple reason. They are the only, website that lists realtors properties with their phone numbers and sometimes email addresses. Right. So I like to go here, look at all filters. Let's look up. Here we go. Land. You can do the same thing. By the way, everything I'm telling you right now, you can do the same thing with houses land, you know, let me show you what I would do with houses. Let's just pick the, Jacksonville market. Jacksonville, Florida. So this is the Jacksonville I'm going to remove the data there like the border. We're just going to look at houses. Right I want houses I don't want anything super cheap. Like I'm looking for properties that are beat up that need work that have been on the market for a little while. So let's do max $200,000. All right. And so I just want houses. There's 559 under 200 grand. Maybe I go a little higher. 300 grand. Scroll down. I don't want any new ones. Well, there's not going to be new if they're under 300, but I might say built before the year 1980, 920 homes or I'm scroll down and I'm going to do not coming soon. I only want for sales and I want to do keep on going days on market more than one month. So Jacksonville's a hot market. Any property that's been on the market for longer than a month, something is wrong with it. Why hasn't it sold yet? It's just overpriced. The market is correcting. Maybe it needs work, I don't know, these are all nicer properties. All right. I'm going to sort by newest. So these are the newest ones that hit the market. A lot of times you can tell from the pictures all right this one needs some updating doesn't it. Yeah, I'd think so. Look at the ceiling. Look at the floor. Yikes. Kitchen. Small dinky kitchen. Who's going to buy this. But probably just an investor. An investor is going to buy this property right. So guess what we've got here. Right here. We've got a phone number we've got. And sometimes you get an email address. Sometimes you don't. So I have two, two different phone number 664 and 515. All right. This one's been on the market 29 days. The same conversation. Hey them tell me about this property. Why hasn't it sold yet? I know why it hasn't. I just want to know how long has it been on the market? I'm sure you're getting a lot of calls on it, right. Oh, that's a good thing to ask to this add to the script. Oh, this is a good one from Jay. He's asking how do you get sellers out of their contracts with realtors or do you usually wait out the contract? Great question Jay. The answer is no. We don't do that. We are making offers directly through the realtors. Yeah we are. And who is paying the realtors commissions by the way? The seller is, but the seller is paying the realtor commissions and the realtors representing us. So they're going to get both sides of the commission. That's why the realtor would be willing to work with us stupid, annoying investors that lowball everything. And I'm also, again looking for the relationship so they can bring me other deals in the future. Word my mouse go. All right. So that would be a good one to call wouldn't it? Yes. Let's look at this one. Does it need updating? Nope. I just want properties that need updating.

Joe:  By the way, do you want this script? You can get it right now for free. It's simple land kit.com. Now I need to put this. When I'm done with this, I will put it into. There's a Google Drive folder where the Simple Land kit is at, but you can get this, script there. I think I'm good here. What? I'm good here. I'm going to make a, actually, I'm just going to copy this. I'm going to put it in the simple land kit right now, so you guys will have it. How does that sound? All right, when you go. To simple land kit.com. You're going to get access to this Google Drive. And I have in here my motivated land seller script okay. And I also have my land agent helper. So I'm going to put this script. There it is. It's there for you okay. So let's call some realtors. So I'm going to go back here to homes.com Florida area I like vacant land out here. I'm going to clear this area. So now it's this whole area around Jacksonville I'm we go to all filters. We're going to go to lot size I don't want the little dinky ones. So I'm going to like 7000ft² is 7000 divided by 43. 560 is 0.16 acres. Okay. I don't want the giant ones either. So let's do maximum five acres. Oh, let's do ten acres. Land only. Cool. All right, I'm going to go down here. I'm gonna do days on market longer than. So we do three months or six months. Let's see how many we have. At three months. 1500. Let's do six months. 1100. Holy Smokies. All right. Let's. We can also do days reduction in the last 30 days. Sothese are properties have had a price reduction in the last 30 days. We've got 28 of them. We do more than 30 days over one month. We've got 57. Let's just do any okay. Let's do newest. So these are new properties that just came on the market. I've just hit the 60 days and they haven't sold yet. And I don't want the real cheap ones, the $10,000 ones. Because those properties I'm going to need to sell them for probably if to get them sold, I'm going to need to sell them for 8000, which means I'm going to need to buy them for maybe 500 if I can sell them. So I want anything. It has to be at least 20 grand. Does that make sense? I need to have meat on the bone. Okay. Let's look at this one here. There's 5.52 acres. Oh, there's no phone number. Oh, maybe that's one reason why it hasn't sold yet. That's a great idea. Realtor. Put your property out there. But I don't have a way for anybody to reach you. Let's look at another one. This looks like a good one. Hastings, Florida. Let's open it up. Skyler, I'm going to copy this address. Let's just put it right here in Redfin. It's for sale 39 800. I can go to sale tax history. I've actually raised the price. Sometimes I want to see, you know, when it was. If I can tell when it was last purchased. So it looks like it sold for 20 grand in May 21st. Well, here's a deal. I'm glad I'm doing this because I'm making a big mistake that I'm going to tell you that you shouldn't be doing. You should not be doing a bunch of research before you even call this agent up. You should just call them to see if you can even reach them. So let's do it right now. (386) 270-3584 Muhammad. The answer is yes. I'm making offers right there on the phone. Approximate offers. Can you do creative financing with your realtors to. Yes. On houses mean sometimes there's not. Let's scroll all the way to the bottom. Sometimes there's a phone number and email down here. Yeah. So it's a different number. Let's call that one.

Skyler:  This is Skyler. How can I help you?

Joe:  Hey, Skyler. Joe McCall, how are you?

Skyler:  Good. How are you doing?

Joe:  Good. I'm calling at a bad time, am I?

Skyler:  No, no. You're good.

Joe:  All right. I'm calling about this. I think it's a one acre property. Vacant lot you have in Hastings, Florida. 32145. Are you familiar with that one?

Skyler:  Yeah, yeah, I have, one on Underwood and another one on Yeager. I think I have one on Delgado as well.

Joe:  Okay. Are these the same owners?

Skyler:  Yeah.

Joe:  Well, I'm a land investor. I'm looking to buy some deals, and, I don't have an agent representing me, so if I. If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you some questions and get some more information about this property to see if it, might be something I'd be interested in. Yeah. Yes. And what I typically do is when I buy land, I like to sell it on owner financing, but.

Skyler:  OK yeah, that's a good way to do it.

Joe:  Just like a landlord. So the, I'm kind of new to the air. I live in Saint Louis. I'm not. I come down to Florida about once or twice a year, but we're buying land. We're selling it on seller financing, and I don't have an agent representing me, so I don't know if the work, the numbers would work on this, but you could represent me and get both sides of the commission. Does your broker allow that?

Skyler:  Yes.

Joe:  Okay. So this property, just look at the one on Yeager Avenue. It's listed here is 49,700ft². Is that like 1.1 acres or something like that?

Skyler:  Yeah, 1.14 acres. It's standard lot size out there.

Joe:  Okay. Is this an area where there's a lot of people just building new homes? Are they buying this for more recreational.

Skyler:  Oh, this one's this specific part of the area. So they have both there. Typically in the southern side of the area, you're getting more recreational land. That's where you can see your 10,014 thousand. Yeah. Dollar properties in that area where I have those listed, you see a lot of new construction there, a lot of areas growing. They got paved. Roads are putting in more and more infrastructure. So there's a lot of growth coming out there. Miranda's building out very familiar with Miranda Homes.

Joe:  Yeah, I think so.

Skyler:  Yeah, they're building out. They're they build, like, luxury, their production builder. But, I mean, their standard stuff is like granite with the tile. They build that, they build a nice home, okay. And they're doing a lot out there as well.

Joe:  So I'm just looking at the satellite view and there's some maybe newer homes. Older homes. Looks like on the other side there's like even a trailer are there is it like an an HOA. Are there restrictions?

Skyler:  No entryway, no restrictions. There are manufactured homes out there as well.

Joe:  Okay. Utilities.

Skyler:  Utilities. It's going to be I want to say it's city water with septic. Okay. City water with septic. Yeah. Is it wrong? I would, I would recommend just double check in with the county on that. Yeah. I can understand computer right now.

Joe:  Okay. Flood zone, wetlands. Do you know.

Skyler:  X flood zone? All of them. Underwood does have wetlands, but it is buildable.

Joe:  Okay. What is X flood zone mean?

Skyler:  Lowest risk.

Joe:  Okay.

Skyler:  You know, that's when people say no flood zone I mean X flood zone has every property has a flood.

Joe:  So the whole state of Florida is a flood zone isn't it.

Skyler:  And then primarily it's X which is like half a percent over the course of 500 years. So you know, pretty negligible.

Joe:  Okay. So is that road paved. It looks like.

Skyler:  Yeah. Those ones. No they're graded. There is a major paved road going through the area, but the rest are just dirt roads that are, you know, government maintained and graded.

Joe:  Okay. Is there a demand what do you think the demand is for selling something like this with seller financing? With payments?

Skyler:  If I can, I can help you there. I don't really do a lot of seller finance deals.

Joe:  All right. How long has it been on the market? I'm just trying to look at this here. Do you know.

Skyler:  Just over six months.

Joe:  Okay, so I'm kind of surprised it's been on the market that long. Do you know why? Is there something.

Skyler:  Like, yeah. He increased the prices he's planning to build on. I say don't sell. We sold a few of them. I had a few. I had a few lots out there for him. We sold about a seer, listed about five. Sold two of them, for a good price. And then he said, okay, raise the price. The others. And, you know, if they don't sell, I'll build a little.

Joe:  Yeah. So he's not in a hurry to sell his investor.

Skyler:  Yeah.

Joe:  And his price probably isn't.

Skyler:  He likes to wheel and deal.

Joe:  I'm just looking here at on actives in the area zoomed out as a street next to it called Weatherby, I think. And, another street next to it called Street next to it. There's a same size property for sale for 17 and another property same size for sale for 15.

Skyler:  I would be wary of wetlands on those properties or having to do a lot of site prep lots. We have listed there high and dry. Even the one with the wetlands on it where the England where there's wetlands, it's lower, but the other parts are high up. So this is like I need a lot of fills.

Joe:  Okay. Well, this is like, just probably a couple hundred yards away.

Skyler:  Yeah.

Joe:  So it matters like that short of a distance it could be worse than.

Skyler:  Yeah. There's some spots where you know people like that and they bill and they got wetlands all around them.

Joe:  Interesting.

Skyler:  Yeah. So I mean it can be really hit or miss out there. I recommend if you Google search. This. There's a wetlands mapper with FEMA. You ask you that's your friend out there?

Joe:  Yeah.

Skyler:  That's like your. That's my best friend out there. That's like I'm helping buyers out there by investing stuff. That's what I. I'll. I'll put every property we look at through that.

Joe:  I'm zooming out a little bit. There's a lot of active sold I mean a lot of recent solds. But I'm seeing some sold for 5960, 500, 7090 400, 10,900.

Skyler:  I just sold the one right next to your property. We sold that for 30,000.

Joe:  Okay, nice. Was that, just a somebody wanted to build on it.

Skyler:  Like everybody wanted to build on it. Okay. I believe it was an investor, a builder who bought it, though.

Joe:  Okay. Well, good. But, you know, like everyone else out there, I'm looking for deals, and it doesn't sound like this guy was. Be much interested in negotiating or lowering their price, right?

Skyler:  I wouldn't say heavily. Were you thinking of going below 30 per acre on that?

Joe:  Oh, yeah. Yeah. I mean, just looking at. Yeah, I'd have to look at the flood. I have to look at the flood maps. I'm sure you're right, but. Yeah, we can close cash 30 days. But, you know, my goal is to turn around and sell them with seller financing. So I've got to have a little bit more room in there. Yeah.

Skyler:  You gotta. Yeah, you gotta have that. You gotta protect that margin. I understand that. Yes. Yeah. No, I understand if you're coming in below 30, like, I'll spitball it to him. If he's interested, I'll give you a call back. Okay. But odds are he's not gonna. He's not gonna go for anything under 30. He probably won't even go over there. Yeah, it'd probably wouldn't even land at like, 35 or something like that.

Joe:  Yeah. Well, you know, listen, Skyler, would you add me to your buyers list? I'm always looking for off market deals, right? Like, if I if I bought something in this area just looking at sold comps and, you know, this way better than I do, but, you know, I would I would need to buy something in the $10,000 range, like I'm seeing other sold comps here. 10 to 15 maybe, but I pay 10% commissions. If you can bring me a deal, can I send you my, contact information?

Skyler:  Yeah send me your contact info. Let me know the areas you're looking at. Yeah, I think I can cover a very wide, wide area, especially when it comes to land. Because there's, you know, a lot of it's just research. I'll be happy to help you out and, you know, help you find the next deal.

Joe:  Do you ever find off, properties off market. And, you know, before you listed on the MLS, do you ever just call your buyers?

Skyler:  Typically. Not really, unless I know somebody who's is serious or they're looking in that specific area.

Joe:  Okay.

Skyler:  I don't know if you're interested in, you know, Indian Lake Estates out there, Lake Wales, Florida, if you're interested in that area. Do you have a property out there, you know, for Valencia Street that is listed? We had an under contract to sell at the current list price. However, there were some probate issues, and the owner lives in the Philippines on a village island. Oh, wow. So it took about 3 or 4 months to get everything situated. Just trying to get out there. The god or the land. He's had to fly out to there. Oh, to handle everything. We had an older lady.

Joe:  We did a deal like that one time, and that was definitely challenging. The owner was in.

Skyler:  It's all set to close in two weeks. Now we have everything lined up. We just got to use our title company because they have everything lined up already. But.

Joe:  But the buyer backed out.

Skyler:  The buyer got tired of waiting and it was like four months. I remember we finally got started getting stuff signed. Then he was like, yeah, I'm just I'm gonna move on.

Joe:  Do you think it's a fair price that an investor would want?

Skyler:  Yeah, I think so. And I know they're negotiable. Are they really like to just have it done?

Joe:  So the address is 804 Valencia.

Skyler:  Yep. Valencia Street.

Joe:  Street.

Skyler:  And then the. Yeah, it's an avenue or something. It's an Indian Lake estates.

Joe:  Indian lake estates. Well, I'll look at it here in just a minute after we hang up. Okay, cool. I'll take a look at it and, I'll shoot you an email and, maybe I'll just shoot in the email, like, I'll tell you what, I maybe what I could offer for it or something like that.

Skyler:  Yeah sounds great.

Joe:  What's your email address?

Skyler:  I'll text it to you.

Joe:  Okay, cool. All right. Good talking to you, man. And I look forward to working with you. Maybe soon.

Skyler:  Absolutely. Sounds good. I look forward to working with you as well.

Joe:  All right. See ya. Bye bye. Okay, cool. What do you think of that? Give me some feedback. All right. In your face, Jerry Norton. Come on now. Who's bigger? Flipping genius. Me or Jerry Norton? Jerry Norton is my hero. I'm just messing with Jerry. He does all of these, watch me call sellers live, make offers live, call realtors live, do deals live. And sohe's, inspired me and challenged me to do the same thing and step up my YouTube game. What do you guys think of that? Did it come through? Were you able to hear it? Very simple and easy, isn't it? Joe, type in the comments. Joe, you're a bigger, better flipping genius than Jerry Norton is. I'm going to see Jerry. And next week I'm flying out to Orlando for a workshop, going to be hanging out with him and pay some more. B and Jamal. Don Miller will be there from Story Brand. Grant Cardone will be there. A bunch of other cool people. Yeah, very good comment here. That sounded good. Sounds like you didn't want to offer anything if it didn't sound like a motivated seller. Yeah. So, you know, I'm just kind of like I'm looking for deals, right? Tell me what you've got. Good. That makes sense. That was a good call, Joe. Thank you Brad. Thank you Marvin. Oh, I finally got it. Joe, you're flipping genius. oh, and Tessa there. Thank you. Tessa. I'm a flipping genius. All right, I'm probably going to get a text from Jerry telling me. Hey, knock it off. Jerry and I, we're good friends. I was in I've told the story many times, but I was in Puerto Rico. I filmed some videos with him a year ago on his for his YouTube channel about flipping vacant land, and I was, having these heart things going on, my palpitations and stuff like that. But I just wanted to do. I didn't tell him I wanted to do these videos, and we went and played, pickleball that night. And then the next morning we went and went and shot, a ton of iguanas. We went iguana hunting. When I got back home shortly, a few days later, I went to the doctor and, you know, found out I had, severe heart problems and didn't know. It's all congenital things that I've been born, but they didn't have a heart attack. I was just having heart palpitations, feeling dizzy. So went to see the urgent care doctors, and they said, hey, this is not good. And a few days later, I went into open heart surgery and had my aortic valve replaced, which apparently is not a big deal because it happens all the time. This hospital I was at does 3 or 4 of these every single day. Yeah, I got it all taken care of. Yeah.

Joe:  All right. Was that helpful? Now, if you want that script. I used to talk to that agent and you see, did you notice in that script when I was using it? I didn't go word for word down there on that script. Word for word coming down through it. All right. I was just, you know, hey, talking to that realtor, asking some questions. Do you notice some things that I did in here that maybe, would help you? I didn't catch you at a bad time, did I? Right. Do you mind if I ask you some questions to see if it would be something I would want to buy? So I want to get the realtor to sell me on the deal. I tell him I'm open. I'm honest. Right up front. Hey, I'm an investor. I'm in Saint Louis. I'm looking for deals. I don't have an agent representing me. You can get both sides of the commission. That wouldn't work. So tell me about the property. I didn't ask this. You. I'm sure you've been getting a lot of calls. But that would have been good. Why hasn't a soldier. Why? How long has it been on the market? You could tell the motivation on a 1 to 10 level with this realtor. With the seller was probably zero. They're not in a hurry to sell. I was asking questions about wetlands, terrains, etc.. Is that a fair price? How negotiable? Not very negotiable. And I was asking him about sold comps and active comps, and it was interesting what he was saying that the the floodplain issues vary lot by lot. I don't know if I believe him, but maybe, definitely never argue with a seller or a realtor when you have them on the phone. What is the seller going to do if they can't sell the property, they're going to build on it, right? So their motivation is not very high. They have a long time to wait. I did not ask about owner financing. I thought about that. I should have, but I just didn't. So I'm going to send them. He's going to text me. Let's see if I got a text yet. Yeah, cool. I got his, email here. Let's take a look. What? We got a few more minutes here. Let's take a look at that other property he was talking about. I'm looking to see. Are there other properties that have been built here? There are. Okay. That's good. Let's click on overlays. FEMA floodplain. Nothing. That's interesting. Let's zoom out and make sure it's working. Now there's a FEMA floodplain zones and let's look at wetlands So I trust this more than I do. Redfin. Does it take this I've seen this several times where their address is in Michigan. Absentee owner. They're in the Philippines. Probate. They've got it all figured out. I think I want to make an offer on this. Right. So what kind of offer would I make? Okay, you can see it last sold here in 1987 for 20 grand. This looks like a good deal, but what price could I sell it for? That's kind of all I care about. I want to know what I could sell it for. They're asking 16 nine for it. Let's click on this map. Let's click on Nearby Homes for sale. It's going to put this property right in the center. If I zoom in there's a property right there. Let's look at land only. How big is our property here to half an acre, which is probably all. These are half an acre. So let's do lot size quarter acre to one acre sought from low to high.

Joe:  All right. So this is really important to know isn't it. This properties for sale for 13 five. If I'm going to sell my property with seller financing I'm want to make sure I need to be the lowest one of the lowest here. So or if I sell it for cash, I'm going to need to sell it for probably 13,000. I want to be the cheapest, right? I like this one is just see where I turn into red down there. This one is just across the street for sale for 15. How long is this one? This 13. This one for 13,500. How long has it been on the market? 51 days. And it hasn't sold. How long has this one been on the market? 54 days. And it hasn't sold yet. Sometimes these areas, when houses are going to be a little harder to sell. I'm a little concerned about that. Let's look at solds. Oh, I forgot pendings. You always have to look up pendings. Don't forget to look at Pendings because you might find some. Let me zoom out. This one's pending for 12,900. What if we did only a search for Pendings? All right. This tells you that there are some deals getting under contract here. That's a good sign. But they're selling for 12, nine. 15, 16. Okay. Let's look at Solds last three months. Oh, this is nice. Look how many solds in the last three months. This tells me what this means, that there is a lot of activity here. This is good. So I'm going to need to be I'm going to tell. I'm going to email the realtor here as soon as we're done with this. I'm going to email and say, hey, I'd like to make an offer on it, but I'm going to need to be right around ten grand. So I don't know if that would work. I'm going to offer around ten grand closing 30 days. And, I'm going to offer the realtor. You know what I might offer the realtor? Well, let's look at this one, because sometimes it tells you what the agent commissions are. 5% buyer's agency fees. All right, so this realtor will get to represent me and get both sides of the commissions. So they're going to make 10% is about a thousand bucks. It's not much right. They just wants to help. But I'm going to tell them hey you can also when I turn around and list it to sell it, you can also help me and I'll pay you some commissions as well. On the sales side of this, if you or if you want, but I'm going to need to be definitely. I'm going to buy it somewhere in this price range. And what I'm going to do is also probably I'm going to send the agent, these comps here, what I'm looking at, I might even do a loom video. Let's do a loom video right now. What do you. I wonder if my computer will let me do this.

Joe:  All right, you guys know what loom is? If you go to loom.com, you can create recordings of your screen. Okay. So I'm going to send an email to this realtor. And his name was Skyler okay. I'm going to send a video to Skyler and tell him, hey, I'm looking at this property here okay. And I'm going to start with for sales and pendings first. So I'm going to do loom and I'm not going to do camera. All right. So I'm doing a loom video. Now. We'll see if this works. Hey Skyler. How are you Joe here. We just talked a minute ago, and I'm looking at this property. I think I'm interested. I like it a lot. I was looking at some comps in the area. Just kind of what we were doing before. And, your property is right there in the center, and I'm zooming out. And if I'm sorting this low to high and I've got similar sized properties, I see a pending here for 12, nine, current active listings for 13 five. But so my again, like my like we talked about before, my goal is to turn around and sell this with owner financing. So I'm going to need to sell it probably somewhere around this price range with owner financing. You know, so and I also looked here quickly at Solds in the last six months, let's say I see some solds here. I'm zoomed out quite a bit, but 50 807,000, 7000, 8000, 580, 500, 9000, 9009, etc., etc.. Now if I zoom in, so I'm just going to need to be somewhere in this price range. And so I don't know if that would work before we write up an offer, but maybe you could send them a message and just ask them, hey, would you consider something like what these are selling for, you know, 8 to 10 grand or, you know, maybe 8 or 9 grand? I can close in 30 days, pay cash? I don't really need any. Maybe 1 or 2 weeks contingency for just a little bit of due diligence. As long as the title is clear and we're good, I can I can close pretty quick on these. But my goal would be to sell it on owner financing. So maybe you could represent me and even just relist it on the MLS. Help me find an owner financing buyer. I'll pay you 10% commissions or whatever is standard custom for you guys.

Joe:  Cool. All right. Let me know if that works or not. I appreciate you all right. You guys see that? Did that all work? I think we're all here. Well, what I have now is a loom video. All right, so if you copy this link, I can put it in an email when I send it to this realtor. And he can click on that loom video, which is this really long link right here. And it will have this video of me talking to him in the corner, recording my screen, kind of walking through what I'm doing. It gives it a written summary, which is fascinating. It's written, it uses I hey there in this video, I analyze a property that I'm interested in and discuss my offer strategy. After looking at comps in the area, I found that the property is priced around 13 five. However, my goal is to sell it with owner financing, so I'll need to negotiate a lower price. I also checked recent sale prices, which range isn't this amazing? This is crazy amazing. He can comment and give me a thumbs up, a thumbs down or a middle finger if he wanted. I don't think there's a middle finger button there, but yeah, so I can send him. I just copy this link and I send him an email, say, hey, I'm interested in this property, check out this video down below. Let me know what you think and we can go from there, right? Yeah. So I got to get going. I was going to show you a number one. Did we come back to the next workshop video thing that I do here, and I'll show you what I would do with this property and how I would sell it with owner finance. Where's my profit going to come from? There's not much room in here. I'm buying it for maybe 8 or 9000. I'm selling it for 15 or 16,000. On owner financing. Well, wait till you see this, because the cash flow numbers are really, really good on this, okay? You basically get your money back within on this deal. I get my money back in about 8 to 10 months, maybe 10 to 12 months. Get my money back. So that means 100% cash on cash return in the first year. And I probably looking at 200 to 300% total ROI on this deal over 3 to 5 years. Great passive income, passive cash flow on these deals. You can buy these kinds of deals with a credit card. So anyway, hope that was helpful for you. Appreciate you all. We'll see ya. Take care.



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