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Here, I’m sharing two stories to hopefully get you pumped up and excited about your own real estate business. Two guys within my community are doing deals and experiencing big wins, all because they’re taking massive, consistent action. They’ve set up their marketing machine, and they’ve stuck with things long enough to start making some serious money.

If you’ve been down on yourself and feel like you’re ready to quit, listen to this episode and don’t give up. Don't get discouraged, and you will start finding success. It's a numbers game, right? All the guys who do a lot of deals have one thing in common. They stick to the basics, they do a lot of it, and they do it over and over again. They're what I like to call brilliant at the basics. They keep it simple, easy-peasy.

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  • Success stories from the community
  • Why consistent action is the key to success
  • Info on my Saturday workshops

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Joe:  Hey, what's going on? Joe, REI in your car. I am driving home right now. I just dropped my daughter off who drove herself while I was in the car, but she's driving herself to school now she's just turned 16. She's been so busy with school she hasn't had a chance to get her driver's license or do all the practicing that she needs to be doing, but this summer she'll be getting her license. She just turned 16 about three weeks ago. Anyway, I'm doing this voice podcast here while I'm driving because I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. A couple things that I did the other day. There's two things I have, and I'll tell you the latest and earliest one that just happened 30 minutes ago. One of my clients, I mean good friends, member of the community, his name is Zach, just messaged me and he got three deals. He bought three parcels from the same seller and I think they were all connected. I don't remember, maybe not, but one of them was landlocked and he's sold the other two. But he still had this landlocked property and we looked at the numbers. He was all in it for about a thousand bucks, but he'd already made money from the other lots. Right. So he was just probably gonna forget about it. I don't know what. How do you forget about it? He has to pay taxes on it. But he was ready. He said just to walk away from it. Maybe. Yeah. I don't know how or what he meant by that, but, he's decided because. I told him. I said, Zach, send neighbor letters because you might get a neighbor that wants it. So he said neighbor letters. And sure enough, one of them this is a little quarter acre lot, right? One of the neighbors said, yes, I'll take it. And, paid him a $1,500 assignment fee for this deal. 1500 bucks. Or maybe he hadn't closed on it yet. I think that's what he meant by walking away from it, just giving it back to the seller. But because he sent neighbor letters? Well, actually. Because he did what he was told and he trusted the system and he just. Did what you're supposed to do set neighbor letters. Neighbor says, yeah, I'll buy it.


Joe:  So he negotiated a little bit, but he made 1500 bucks, which guess what, two awesome things happen that enables him to do another month of marketing, which is going to enable him to do another deal, which is my second story I want to talk about because I have another member of the community that is hardly ever even talked in and been active at all in the community. I just found out from a mutual friend that he's killing, but I'll get to that in a second. But here's the cool thing that I did for the neighbor. So the neighbor had a house. On his property and his other house was, I forget the exact numbers. Let's just say it was about it was about three quarters of an acre, I think is what it was. And so because. He bought this. Property, I think he was all in it for three or 4 or 5000 bucks. Right. And my member, the member of our community, Zach, he made a $1,500, $1,500 assignment profit on that deal. Anyway. The value of this guy's neighbor's property. Now that he owns one and a half acres instead of three quarters acres. I don't remember all my numbers, but, like, he, he increased his property size to over an acre because of this acquisition. He increased the value of his property by 75 grand, right. So he won. The seller won. Because they got to sell their property. And Zach won because he made a little $1,500 assignment on. One of the three lots. Now, he still made, I don't remember, 20 something thousand dollars profits on the other lots. Right. So just it's awesome. And I love hearing that even though it's a little small win 5000 bucks. Dang, man, that's awesome because it can pay for a month's. Worth of direct mail. Which leads me to the other thing I'm really excited about. So less than a week ago, I'm flying home from somewhere I forget, and I'm at the. And then I'm in the, the car in the parking garage, and I get a message from a friend. He's like, hey, do you know Grant? It's like Grant, I don't know. I don't know a lot of Grants. He said, well check this out. And so he did a. FaceTime video because he was zooming him. And said, hey, Joe. This is Grant. Grant, it's Joe. And Grant's like, I know Joe is. He's like, so. What on earth? And so this guy, he's maybe made three comments in my Facebook group in the community. Right. And he's doing 3 or 4 land deals a month, and he's still working a full time job, and he's killing it in land. And he's working on several deals right now that are going to make him six figures. Now he's he also is rehabbing houses. I don't know how this guy's doing. I talked to him yesterday and he's rehabbing some houses. He's got a great full time job and he's doing land and he's killing it. Guess what I was he was showing me his numbers. I was like, why were oh, how are mine just now airing about this? Like, why do you not tell me when you're doing deals? I want to know. This stuff and I want the community to know it so they can get excited about it like I am.


Joe:  And so I tell you, man, I get so much more excited from hearing testimonials of students and client member and members of the community doing deals. I mean, this is just awesome, I love it. I'd much rather hear these kind of testimonials than my own deals, you know what I'm saying? All right. So anyway, I looked at his numbers, and I don't remember over the last six months or so because he tracks his stats and I was just looking at part of the stats. He sent about 22,000 letters. He. Just sends the plain old boring neutral letter that goes to a voicemail. He's got the system all set up where he's sending them offers, and. He's averaging a 1.21 note. I'm sorry, 1.8, my 1.5% response rate on his letter. So 1.5% response rate. And, he's averaging one deal out of every five. It's, 470 letters, one deal out of every 470 letters that he sends. And he gets one out of every 14.7 offers accepted. So he's got to send about 15 offers. To get one accepted and. Get this guy's. He is not. I won't tell. You what state he's got going in. But he's not going in the most popular states. He's not doing the. Florida's in the North Carolina is in the Tennessee's. He's from Missouri. And so he just likes Midwestern states. He's doing some of the Midwestern states and, about three. Different states, I think. I don't like how. Some of his states. So some of the counties that he's in, he's getting. 8% response rates on his letters. Zero competition, but they're still get this. There's still a huge demand for these vacant lots. So he's been. Doing a lot of these small deals making, you know, 510 grand here and there. Now he's starting to focus on bigger lots. And now he's got some deals. His projected. Oh, I can't tell you his numbers because I have to be careful with income claims and all of that. But, you know, he's projected to make six figures. Now, I'm not making any promises or guarantees. I mean, this guy does a lot of marketing. He's been doing this for a while. He knows what he's doing. He's a massive action taker, right. So, man, talk about. Yeah, make my day. I love it because these guys are taking massive action, right.


Joe:  Anyway, so many times you just don't hear about him, right? I'm not saying. Anything negative, but about the about folks. You know, if you're just getting started here and, you know, most of the people that we see in our community are maybe just getting started. They're asking a lot of questions, which is awesome, right? But sometimes you get people that like, complain, I have I have sent 3000 letters and I've not done a deal yet. And. You know, so sometimes they get the most attention. And as a coach, I have to constantly tell myself. All right, don't get down, don't get discouraged. Just help them along. Right. Just encourage. Them. But sometimes the guys and gals. That are doing the most deals are just quietest. They don't want to talk about it. So this guy Grant, I said, hey. When can I get you on my podcast? And he said, well, you know, I don't know. I don't want to talk about it too much. Now he's not worried that he's going to let out secrets, you know, because there are no secrets in this business. Surprise, surprise, wink wink. There aren't any. Right. So like but he wants to quit his job first, and he might be a little. Concerned that his employer finds out or whatever. So I get it.


Joe:  But yeah, man. Isn't that awesome. So I'm sharing that with you to. Maybe, hopefully encourage you a little bit and say, you know, listen man, just keep on. Don't quit. Don't give up. Oh, cool. They're building off, I'm just looking at something as I'm driving by here. There are there's a lot of deals out there to get this thing that. Oh, it's too competitive. It's too hard. I'm worried about competition. Get that out of your head. Get that stinking thinking. You know, some of you need a check up from the neck up because it's all in your head. This the idea? There's too much at. There's too much competition, too many investors. It's all in your head. It's time to wake up because there is a ton of. Opportunity out there. There are a lot of deals out there for you, and, you just need to take massive action, right? You need to start doing the marketing. Be consistent with the marketing. Do not quit. Do not give up. Don't get discouraged and you will start finding success. It's a numbers game, right? It's just all these guys that are doing deals. You know what they do? They have one thing in common. They stick to the basics, and they do a lot of it. And they do it over and over again. And they're just what I call brilliant at the basics. They keep it simple, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Every week. This guy that I was talking about, Grant, he sends, I think his name is Grant. I've talked to so many people yesterday. Yeah. So he started off just sending 500 letters a week. Right. You need to get in that cadence. You need to get into that normal, consistent marketing. And that will start building the momentum up. All right guys got to go. Appreciate y'all. Hey if you want more information about how to flip vacant land, every Saturday I do a workshop at where I teach like how to set all this stuff up, go to Joe mccall.com/workshop to check it out. Joe mccall.com/workshop. It's a $7 thing and you'll get a lot out of it. All right, I appreciate y'all. See you. Bye.

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